No Young or Hamilton but Blalock starting on Saturday

The Rangers lineup for Saturday night does not include third baseman Michael Young or outfielder Josh Hamilton. Young remains sidelined with a strained left hamstring and Hamilton is out with a pinched nerve.

But Hank Blalock is in the lineup. He is playing first base while making only his third start this month. Chris Davis is in the lineup at third base.


Blalock should have been in the lineup 3 games ago!!! Especially when our young players like Davis, Andrus, German, and Borbon showed signs of struggling. We are behind and we don’t have time to waste on our young players working out their slumps. If they’re not hitting put in Andrew Jones and Blalock. Every game counts and we have to win and this should have been done 3 games ago.

Don’t expect to see Hamilton the remainder of this season. Young might try to return but if he does he will be taking a chance of further injuring his left hamstring. With the current situaiton of the team, it does not appear that taking a chance is really worth it. Wonder if Kinsler will play better in front of a full house. Heading on out ot the game.
Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!

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