Young out of the lineup for Friday's game

Michael Young is out of Friday’s lineup against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Young, who has been sidelined with a strained left hamstring since Sept. 1, faced Kevin Millwood in a simulated game Friday afternoon and did some sprints in the outfield. But the hamstring is still not ready.

“It’s disappointing,” Young said. “Obviously I want to play but I can’t focus on the negative. I’m going to get after it today [treatment and rehab] and hopefully be ready tomorrow. But I can’t play with it like this.”

Young has played just once since Sept. 1. He was in the lineup on Tuesday at designated hitter but had to come out after just one at-bat when the hamstring tightened up on him.

“It’s disappointing because I came in the other day and thought I would be ready to go for the rest of the season,” Young said. “It just wasn’t where I need to be.”

Josh Hamilton, who has been sidelined since Sept. 2 with a pinched nerve, is also out of the lineup. He is not expected to play in the three game series against the Angels and there is still no clear indication when he will be able to return to the lineup. It won’t be until the Rangers four-game series against the Athletics next week at the earliest.

“Who knows, he might make a miraculous recovery,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said.

Washington said he has not given much thought to the possibility that Hamilton won’t play again this year.

The Rangers go into Friday’s game without their two top hitters and having scored just one run in their last 37 innings. Andruw Jones is in the lineup at designated hitter and Esteban German is at third base.

Millwood said he threw 50-something pitches in his simulated game. His next scheduled start is either Monday or Tuesday. Washington said Millwood would definitely pitch one of those two games.

“I haven’t thought anything otherwise,” Washington said.



I believe it’s 37 innings, not 37 games. That would be even worse if it were 37 games. Easy Sullivan, not so hard on our Rangers. lol.

TR – Seriously? You are getting paid to have much less statistical knowledge than us? 37 games? TR – I like you, but c’mon man. I’ll continue to defend you, but you are buying the drinks!

I wonder if Maloney-wood got hit hard in his simulated game.

I’m waiting for you to tell me when I’m buying you drinks… You keep avoiding me

White towels were given out tonight for Ranger fans to wave. White towels! WHITE TOWELS! You have to be kidding me! That’s not the reason the club lost but. . . White towels? C’mon! I don’t know what’s wrong with this offense but it feels like the pressure is affecting team. The Angels had injuries at the beginning of the season and look where they are. This team . . . . to many times do they have to rally from the 6th on for a win. Too many ups and downs throughout the year. Along with injuries to key players, they are uptight and emotionally spent. This is a monumental choke job, even with the injuries, 40 plus innings of 1 run baseball during a pennant/ wildcard race is choking. I don’t care who reads this. It is what it is. We all know this. I want this team to show the character we’ve seen all season but so far all I see are soft pop-ups and bad at bats with runners in scoring position Truly bad baseball. Well, when your fan’s rally towels are white, what do you expect? White towels? White towels? In a pennant race? White towels? Who was the mastermind behind this? I guess I shouldn’t be suprised. PUT TOGETHER SOMETHING! DON”T BE AN EMBARRASSMENT! 1 for 27 with runners in scoring position? I don’t care who has an injury, have some heart, put together some at bats and win some ballgames and you won’t have to worry about how many come to the ballpark.

White towels? White flags? What is the difference, really? Maybe it’s a symbol for the way the front office really feels about the club’s chances. Probably not. Definitely not. But man, that loss hurt, with good pitching(Hunter, Feliz, Wilson, and Fransisco) and then the lack of offense? Finally, we get pitching and now our offense is in a club historic dry spell in the batters box. During a pennant race! Oh, to be a lifelong Rangers fan! Someone give me a towel to wipe off the disappointment. JUST MAKE SURE IT”S RED!

Well, I never thought this would happen to THIS team, but it looks like they’ve quit. Baseball is more mental than physical and all of the sudden, these guys have become mental midgets. We first started to see it last week with Ian Kinsler’s “disappointment” in the fans. Well, I’m disappointed that this team is going down without a fight. The Angels are showing the Rangers just how far away from a real contender they are. If this team truly wants to win year in and year out, perhaps they should look across the field and watch how the Angels carry themselves. That franchise has done it with and without superstar talent.
And, not to beat the dead horse, but how much of this “give up” started when the front office didn’t play in the Kazmir deal. If it was reported that the Yankees were about to trade for a starting pitcher that might help, does anyone think the Red Sox would let that pitcher get through waivers? That was a gamble we should’ve taken, but once again, the franchise is handcuffed by Tom Hicks. I’m beginning to believe this thing is cursed until Hicks finds a buyer. Please Mr. Ryan; put together a team and buy this franchise!!!!!

Finally, the white towel surrender shows that the entire Rangers franchise is still not ready for prime time. Here’s hoping that 2010 is NOT like 2005 was after the encouraging 2004 run. Does hefe or any of the other “hand on the pulse” guys on here have anything that can encourage us otherwise? I’ve been on board all year, but those same old Ranger feelings are starting to come back. Thank goodness we have the Cowboys to take our minds off of the rapid demise of this season. I wasn’t going to give up, but how can you not after seeing what this team has put out there over the past couple of weeks? I sure hope I’m knee jerking and these guys at least kick it into gear and finish strong. If not, get used to those empty green seats Ian because people aren’t driven to come watch a perennial second place and below team that has shown the symptoms of quitting before the race is over. As for that “good baseball” that Ian said is being played, where exactly is it? The Cats and Airhogs seasons are over. At least the Cats made the playoffs……again.

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