Saltalamacchia to have surgery, Hamilton out longer

Rangers catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s season will end on Monday when he undergoes surgery on his right shoulder. Saltalamacchia has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a condition where a rib bone pushes on a nerve and causes pain and numbness in the arm and fingers.

Saltalamacchia has played in just one game since Aug. 14 and that was as a designated hitter on Sept. 5 in Baltimore. He was trying to hang on as a pinch-hitter and DH but decided to get the surgery done and get ready for next season.

The surgery usually requires 10-12 weeks of recovery time. Saltalamacchia is expected to be ready for Spring Training.

Hamilton to be out longer: Josh Hamilton is still having tightness and discomfort in his lower back and is not returning to the lineup anytime soon. The anti-inflammatory shots have helped reduce the pain but he is still experiencing some tightness when he swings the bat and does other baseball activities.

“We’re going to back off baseball stuff for a couple of days and see if it will calm down,” Hamilton said. “The shots did a good job of calming it down but baseball activities are still giving me not pain but tightness. Tightness will lead to pain if I let it.”

Hamilton has not played since Sept. 2 against the Blue Jays.

Young day-to-day: Michael Young was out of the lineup on Wednesday, one day after leaving the Rangers game with the Athletics after one at-bat with tightness in his left hamstring.

Young said he was a little stiff and a little sore on Wednesday. He is hoping for a good work day on Wednesday, a day off on Thursday and then try to get back in the lineup on Friday.

“But if it’s one thing I’ve learned about hamstring muscles is it’s day-to-day,” Young said.



As for Salty, it is best to get this behind him, start the healing process and then the rehab. Each case is different but scar tissue will be the big issue, as for his ability to throw to second or not. Blalock could not continue at third after his surgery. Best of Luck. I suspect Hamilton’s season is done too. Hopefully, he can get some of these physical limitations and personal issues behind him and come back next season. I am sure that Young will make one more attempt to play but he’ll never be 100% the remainder of this season. Depending upon what happens the rest of this week, it may not really matter. Maybe, just maybe 2010 we’ll see this team with all the basics all at once; hitting, fielding and pitching. Go Rangers !!!!!

To all the naysayers out there…..This thing is NOT over yet! The Angels series will tell us everything we need to know. But, we’re still in it and now is the time to start a sustained winning streak. Here’s to hoping the players dig down deep inside themselves and bring their best to the party. Let’s make the Angels earn it if they are going to get it. Better yet, let’s knock them on their butts here and get ready to go out there and take what they think is already theirs. Boys…..what have you got to lose? The A’s came in here and made you look like you were behind them. What are you going to do about it? Just win baby!!!!! Some of us still believe. And don’t worry about how many empty seats you see. I thought you were playing to win. Are you?

You’re right Sullivanian…I still Believe! It won’t be a record win season but the guys can still pull it out. Who ever heard of giving up in baseball? Bah humbug!

You are absolutely correct. If the Angels play .500 ball for the remainder of the season, all the Rangers have to do is go 16 and 1.

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