Young leaves after one at-bat

Michael Young left Tuesday’s game after one at-bat because of his strained left hamstring. The report from the Rangers clubhouse is that Young did not suffer a physical setback but decided it was better if he waited a day or two before he returned to the lineup.

Young flied out to center in the first inning in his only at-bat as designated hitter. Nelson Cruz pinch-hit for him in the third inning.

Young may wait until Friday when the Rangers open a three-game series against the Athletics.




Michael Young, please get well before you come back. We need you next year too.
I’m a little disappointed to hear Ian Kinsler imply that they are let a little let down by low fan attendance. This team has not made any excuses in the past and just because they are slumping now, it’s no time to start making excuses. Ian obviously doesn’t understand the dynamics of how much it costs for a family to attend a game, the fact that school is in session and that takes priority over sporting events, it’s football season, AND the weather has been nasty since they’ve been back. All of those factors come into play. Combine that with the damage to the game’s rep by performance enhancers, and it’s a recipe for disastrous attendance. Throw in ownership in financial trouble and you have the cherry on top of the problem.
For the ball park to be packed, the team has to prove itself beynod one good season. One of Ian’s comments was that he didn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to come out and watch some good baseball. The true baseball fans are the ones who are out there so don’t take them for granted. The truth is that until the Rangers sustain winning and appear to have a shot at a championship, the attendance will remain low. Boston and New York have consistently put contenders on the field over the last decade. Their ownership is 100% committed to winning at all costs and the fans, in turn, are committed to them. That is why they constantly sell out. We dont have that going on right now.
We were starting to have that here until Tom Hicks arrived and dismantled a growing organization under Doug Melvin that was similar to what they are trying to accomplish now; he tinkered with it (by combining the hockey Stars and baseball front offices), and finally let some baseball people try to restore what he destroyed after he found out he is not in Steinbrenner’s league. So Ian, if you build on it, they will come. Hang in there. The fans will be back if this team continues to rise. For now, you have a job to do. The fans that do show up are the same ones who have backed you all year. THEY are YOUR fans and they deserve your respect. The amount of money you make and the honor of playing in the big leagues should be motiviation enough to get you through until the bandwagon is full again. I’m just sayin’.

oh Ian you really did not say all that did you? please tell me you just had a brain flatulation moment…….let’s look at the reasons your park is empty.
1. it’s cold concrete surrounded by cold asphault……not anywhere near AT&T overlooking the bay or Petro Park and its wonderful ambiance……they drew 31k and 20k Monday while the rangers drew 13k…….but the experience in these parks has more than baseball and concrete.
2. you’re working for a bankrupt company that is not fun to be around. your owner has walked away from his debts, your gm dfa’d your #2 starter in the middle of the race for “moral” reasons, you have a handler to watch out for a drug addict, and your manager makes passive aggressive game time decisions……..face it Ian you’re just not built for fun.
3. You’re $3 mil with $27 left on your contract and you’re complaining about the fans not spending money in this economy…..son, you have some really screwed up priorities in life and if that is the way you feel then i’m glad I’m not there to see you do it…… a matter of fact this is my LAST YEAR to buy MLB for $159……just an excuse to spend more time with my family……get your money from someone else……..
4. Finally, you self righteous little twit, you play 162 games at full speed and focus for the entire season for a change and live up to the expectations then maybe you can have the right to talk to fans in such a pompous way………
5. Additionally, if you want the fans to come see you why don’t you use some of that $3 mil that you didn’t earn this year and buy another thousand tickets for every home game this year and give it to charity……….c’mon step up big boy!
6. Your attitude is an utter disgrace……no wonder the clubhouse is so screwed up right now……….you can’t blame padilla for your actions………..

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