Young reports "big improvement" in hamstring

Michael Young said Tuesday he was feeling “big improvement” in his strained left hamstring.

“I think the day of rest really did me some good,” Young said.

Young, going into Tuesday’s doubleheader, has been sidelined for the past four games because of the hamstring problem but remains encouraged by the work that he and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez has been doing.

He had three days of intensive rehab in Baltimore over the weekend, backed off on Monday and got back after it on Tuesday with some jogging, work in the weight room and more treatment on the muscle in the trainer’s room.

“Jose and I had a really good day in the weight room,” Young said.

The Rangers are also getting good news from Josh Hamilton. Word is the anti-inflammatory injection that he received in his lower back is starting to take effect and the Rangers remain hopeful that he will be back in the lineup on Friday. He is sidelined with a pinched nerve in his lower back.

 Update: The Rangers activated Andruw Jones off the disabled list before Tuesday’s game against the Indians.


DVD, DVD, DVD, DVD…..Wait, all three of those guys are now on other teams. Does anyone out there still think that Michael Young is a better short stop than Elvis Andrus? Nostra, remembers saying that Elvis would make more errors and our defense would still be improved……Still think, once an addict always an addict….The only ones i have ever seen make it, know that they can’t have that first drink, not even one sip, because when they do, they know what will happen next. Still think Josh has hurt himself more than he has hurt anyone else. It is a strong addiction folks, because he has cost himself millions of dollars. Guess i am addicted to money..Ha ha. Still think it is all about the pitching….. Josh is going to have to labor at the major league minimum, too bad, but it looks familiar. Why is MLB keeping it quiet that Hicks isn’t paying his bills? Boy sure wish i didn’t have to pay mine and could still charge $12.00 to park, but hey at least he isn’t charging $8.50 for a beer like his high priced howd you like them three super bowls? I loved those three Super Bowl wins, thanks Jimmy Johnson. But hey, 500 other coaches could have won with that team. But hey, they sure couldn’t build it. Looks like Jones will go through 500 coaches before he is through, six down and 494 to go. Does Campo count as a head coach? Is the red headed Jesus next? Garrett would be the 7th. I love numerology, but i believe Jesus is an 8, man is 6…….

d(GOD) if you want to talk football get on the cows website where some one cares what happens to them. Same negative post as always.

D’god, you are one negative dude. So what if you are right about Josh Hamilton?(Yet to be proven) Do you take pride in the agony of others? You’ve made me think about some things. You have portrayed yourself as a police officer on this site (excluding the one time you said you were a college professor). If you are a police officer, then I think you have fallen victim to one of the demons in your line of work. The average patrol officer spends his shift looking for violations and he/she usually gets pretty good at spotting them. What they sometimes forget about is the thousands of people they pass who are good law abiding citizens. If they forget those people exist, then they only focus on the negative things and they become very cynical about the world. Open up your eyes pal. There is much more going on with the Texas Rangers than bad trades made years ago and Josh Hamilton. There is Young, Kinsler, Pudge, Salty, Borbon, Andrus, Byrd, Cruz, Feldman, Holland, Feliz, Hunter, Davis, Wilson, Murphy, Teagarden, McCarthy, Millwood, Nippert, Francisco, O’Day and all of the other guys who have been playing their butts off, including Josh Hamilton, for this team THIS year. Step out of your box, open up your eyes, and appreciate the hard work that has this team on it’s way to a 90+ win season. Consider this may be the start of something special. It will be without DVD and it may or may not involve Josh Hamilton. For me, I’m for the Rangers to win regardless of who is on the team that gets them there. But, when they win, I appreciate the contribution of EVERY player who has an AB or inning played. I also root for Josh to continue to beat his demons. He had one little slip up. When you consider the temptations that are presented to a professional athlete as amplified compared to what an average person faces, I think he has done pretty well. He has the tools to continue that.

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