Saltalamacchia activated…will have surgery later

Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia was activated off the disabled list on Wednesday.

He will likely be used as a pinch-hitter, designated hitter and emergency catcher over the final weeks of the season.

He said he plans on having surgery after the season for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the condition in his right shoulder that is causing pain and numbness in his right arm.



What’s the expected recovery time? Around 3 months? Any news on Harrison? I’m assuming he’ll play winter ball.

4 weeks to 6 months is a pretty broad range. Thanks for the link.

I’m thinking…..why not go ahead and get the surgery now? That way, he can be sure to be ready by spring training. I know that he probably wants to get back in there and be back in the pennant race. And, he probably sees Teagarden over his shoulder and feels he needs to play to remain relevant. But, I think it’s in the team’s best interest and Salty’s best interest to get this thing over with. Doing it now would soften any setbacks that might come in healing process. He’s probably not going to get many more at bats down the stretch. The kid is a major league player and he will continue to get his chance to shine.

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