Rangers react to Kazmir; Byrd back

The Rangers tried to focus on the Minnesota Twins on Saturday night. But they were well aware of what was going on out on the West Coast.

They knew that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had added to their rotation by acquiring pitcher Scott Kazmir from the Tampa Bay Rays for two Minor League prospects.

“Once again they do what they have to do to win,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “They have money and when you have money, you can pull stuff like that. I don’t know how he got past all those other teams but he did it.”

Kazmir was 8-7 with a 5.92 ERA in 20 starts this season but 4-1 with a 4.38 ERA in his last six starts. In his last 37 innings, he had struck out 33 while allowing 34 hits and ten walks.

“It doesn’t make our job harder,” Washington said before Saturday night’s game with the Twins. “We just have to start winning ballgames. Kazmir wasn’t lighting it up. He was getting better. We’ve got to take care of our business and start winning ballgames. Kazmir gives them another pitcher capable of winning ballgames but that doesn’t put them over the hump. He’s no Roy Halladay.”

The Rangers couldn’t put in a waiver claim on Kazmir, not when he’s signed for two more years and $20 million.

Byrd back, McCarthy coming back:

Outfielder Marlon Byrd was back in the starting lineup on Saturday after missing three games because of a kidney stone. Byrd passed the stone on Friday.

“I’m a little beat up,” Byrd said. “No sleep. That’s the whole kidney stone thing. It’s something that kills your body. I’ll just go out and see how I feel and hope that my strength holds up for the whole game.”

Washington also said that McCarthy will start one of the games in Tuesday’s doubleheader against the Blue Jays. McCarthy has been sidelined for almost three months with a stress fracture in his right shoulder blade but he has a 2.08 ERA in his last four medical rehab assignment starts with Triple A Oklahoma City.


Why COULDN’T the Rangers put in a waiver claim? I thought these were revocable waivers and we would essentially block the trade and TB would pull him back off of the waiver? Seems like we could block this without necessarily inheriting Kazmir…

if we put in a waiver claim on him and Tampa Bay decided to let him go, we would be required to take him and his salary.

The waivers are only revocable for the waiving team, not the claiming team. And since it looks like the reason for the trade was dumping salary in Tampa Bay, they probably have been willing to let him go for nothing.

On that note though, I still think the Rangers should have been willing to take him on, considering it would cost them nothing except the remains of his salary this year, and then they could have traded him in the offseason if they didn’t want his salary.

Does anyone actually believe the Rays would let Kazmir go for nothing? I don’t. He was only on waivers for the purpose of a trade to the Angels. I think we should’ve claimed him and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not sure he makes that big a difference for the Angels, but Ron Washington said it best: “Once again they do what they have to do to win,” and “They have money and when you have money, you can pull stuff like that. I don’t know how he got past all those other teams but he did it.”
Translation: We are not committed to do what we have to do to win this year. And, we don’t have any money to pull stuff like that. Finally, we gambled that another team would claim him so we didn’t. I bet the other teams are wondering why the Rangers didn’t claim him.
I don’t want Kazmir here, but I think we missed a chance to dis’ the Angels. Gamesmanship can be a fun part of the game. We are already in their heads on the field. Just my opinion. It’s a gaffe, but not a major gaffe.

I thought since we had no money we had to have MLB approval if we spent that much money. Can some one explain that?

Let’s see what Kazmir does before we put the Rangers down too much. Although he came on strong a few years ago, his ERA is almost 6.00 this season and his velocity is down. I dont’ think he’s the same whiz-kid we saw a few years ago.

I’m shocked the Rays let Kazmir go — while I know Rangers’ fans would love to catch Anaheim for the division, and the Rangers may very well do that, this trade might actually help Texas focus on catching only one team for the Wild Card as well. Texas needs to catch Anaheim or Boston, and the Rangers are closer to Boston. No one else in the division is threatening Anaheim or Texas, but the Rays could very well threaten both Texas and Boston for the Wild Card — so in a way, this could help Texas in terms of merely making a return trip to the postseason. Thoughts?

Scott Kazmir’s ERA over his last 30 starts is 5.50 and he’s owed at least 28 million for 2 more years. This team’s current economic situation wouldn’t allow them to take on that contract but the Yankees West apparently can afford such a gamble. They’re paying their 4th outfieder an average of 10 million per season, so it doesn’t look like money is an issue for them. Given the contract status, the massive rise in his ERA and the fact that in his last 40 starts he’s managed to compete the 7th inning only 3 times, it’s pretty easty to see why Tampa was looking to dump him. He’s not as effective as he used to be, he’s not an innings eater and he’s owed a lot of money. It’s just my opinion, but I’d bet on him have surgery before I’d bet on him returning to his 2005-’07 self and that’s not sour grapes. I wouldn’t want the Rangers giving up young players and tying up millions in the guy. Maybe he needs the proverbial change of scenery, but it’s not like he’s leaving a bad team behind.

The Angels can afford this because they put 40,000 fans in the seats every night….. And have arguably the best front office in baseball…….. The Rangers will not be saved until Tom Hicks is gone.

We’ll see how it works out, I’m betting it’s a move that the best front office in baseball regrets, although those 40,000 plus will help ease that financial burden, just like they have with the Matthews contract.

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