Rangers activate Cruz, demote Moscoso

The Rangers activated outfielder Nelson Cruz from the 15-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Guillermo Mosocoso has been optioned to the Minor Leagues to make room on the 25-man roster.

Cruz is in the Rangers’ lineup on Thursday against the Twins batting sixth.

The move gives the Rangers a six-man outfield with only one backup infielder, Omar Vizquel. Andruw Jones has been taking plenty of work at first base and may see playing time there this weekend against the Rays’ left-handed starting pitchers.


How many more options does Moscoso have left?

Too many…..Moscoso and Eyre are the weak links in a bull pen that needs some help right now!! Wash needs to stop using Felix for more than 3 outs so he can go back to back. Especially with Frankie’s inabilitiy to go 3 days in a row.

Too many…..Moscoso and Eyre are the weak links in a bull pen that needs some help right now!! Wash needs to stop using Felix for more than 3 outs so he can go back to back. Especially with Frankie’s inabilitiy to go 3 days in a row.

Moscoso has 2 options left. You basically burn one option when you’re called to the big leagues, but that option lasts all season. Players get 3 options. That’s why Mathis, Moscoso and Madrigal can be sent up and down all the time. They did the same thing with Feldman in ’07. It’s called the I-35 shuffle because of the interstate between OKC and the metroplex. The 3 options basically give a player 3 partial seasons to stick with his parent club permanently by his fourth seaon. If a player is sent down in his fourth season he has to clear waivers. Dustin Nippert, for instance, is out of options (and was when the Rangers aquired him). They’ve outrighted him to the minors once and were successful since he cleared waivers. He can refuse a second outright assignment to the minors if he chooses, even if he clears waivers. These rules are designed to give the player the best chance of finding a major league club who wants them, while still allowing their parent club time to develop them. These are the rules as I understand them, but I’m open to correction.

they aren’t going to bench pudge tonight and let teabagger play are they?

To further elaborate, and again, if anyone knows better, please let me know, since Mathis and Madrigal burned one option last season and a second this season, they can look forward to another season doing the I-35 shuffle next year (their 3rd option) before the club has to make a more permanent decision about them at some point during or before the 2011 season. Moscoso, having burned only his first option this season, can do the shuffle for another 2 seasons after this one. That is, assuming all of them stay on the 40 man roster.

Two comments. 1. I dont beleive Jennings is good for the relief spot. Maybe they dont use him right.
2. I would like some comments on if you think Washington really knows how to use pitchers? It seems to me he waits to long to pull one.

Come on, Andrew on 1st instead of Hank OR Davis? He is not hitting! Call Davis up and send Andrew packing along with Eddie and Eyre!

Agreed, way to long, like when the game is out of reach!

We just don’t need Jones on first–period! I rather see CJ Wilson there

How do you take Pudge out of the lineup after collecting 3 hits!!! DH him if you are not going to catch him.

EDDIE AND ANDRUW ARE THE WEAK LINKS. Quit the sentimental crap and strenghthen the chain. Bring up Chris Davis and go for the playoffs. You never know.

Agree with the sentimental crap comment and loyalty!! Wash is proving he is not a good “situational/in-game” manager. Sense the Rangers are dying for the Sept 1 call ups so they can get Davis and Max up here rather than deal with Hank’s tired bat and Jones’ weak swing. Garciapara is available???? Sept 1st may be too late – lets make some moves!!

I’d put Murphy on 1st before Jones! Or get Davis up here to spell Hank! Jones and Eddie need to retire!

I can’t stand that grin Jones does while in the batter’s box, he just doesn’t show me any urgency at all. We need playes that want to win now!

Other than Hefe’s comments I never saw so much bull crap in my life? Do you guys even follow the Rangers?

Max will not be up…he’s just off an injury and he hasn
‘t hit beans. In addition we will already have 3 catchers.

Pudge was brought in to catch no more than 2 games a week unless Ron Washington changesthe plan. Pudge’s offense is off a bit from when he was last here. That despite his opening game back.

Did you notice Hank last night? I thought not!

Davis won’;t come up before Sept 1st since he still hasn’t solved his strikeout problem. Come on guys quit the knee jerk posts and watch a few games.

Fredr_us – Do you really think Salty’s coming back this year? You don’t know much about the type of injury he has. And about Hank, he of the .240 BA, constant strike out, meek ground ball to second and occasional 3-4 night – sit him down! I’d rather have Davis at first who gives you a quality at bat EVERY AB.

Yeeew! Ryno sorry you had to spend the first part of this year’s season in China (where there were no Texas Rangers games)…because if you had been here you would have noticed Mr, Davis striking out almost 2x per game and coming up with the monster BA of 202 in 70 games. Love the kid but he’s where he belongs until 9-1.

What is Saltalamachia’s injury Ryno? If you think it’s TOS what do you base that on. Last report I heard from the on air staff he didn’t need surgery and would be back on 9-1 when the rosters expand. Many people walk around for 30 years with symptoms like TOS lbut never need surgery.

Fredr_us – Sorry. Meant to say Murphy at first – not Davis. Love Davis too, but he needs to work out that long swing and pitch recognition. As for Salty – he may be back 9/1, but he’s done throwing out runners for the year. I’ve been around the injury and its not a quick fix.

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