Rangers getting Pudge Rodriguez

The Rangers are close to a trade to acquire catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Houston Astros. It would be for two mid-tier prospects.

Rodriguez is coming as the backup catcher. He has been told that and he understands that Taylor Teagarden would be the Rangers starter.

Rodriguez, 37, is hitting .251 with eight home runs and 34 RBI in 93 games and 344 plate appearances for the Astros.

Rodriguez played the Rangers from 1991 to 2002, winning the American League Most Valuable Player Award in 1999. He is a 13-time Gold Glove winner at catcher and a 14-time All-Star. He remains in the Rangers top ten in just about every career offensive category.




Back where he belongs!


Let him finish where his hall of fame career began! Woo Woo!

Pudge definately deserves the POW drop inserted!

The right time and the right place for him to end the “playing” part of his career. Can you say “sell out!” every time he is behind the plate. Great move Rangers…this will obviously help with the finances as well. When will his jersey/t-shirts be available?

I live in oklahoma so it’s hard to make it to games, but knowing Pudge is coming back changes ALL of that.

David Murphy what is your new number going to be?

This is so unbelievably great. How ironic that when he left Arlington the first time (6 years ago?), some tried to sell the idea that he didn’t have many years left in him. Either way = greatness.

Agree with the sentiment that he should have never been allowed to leave in the first place.

Welcome Home Pudge – we missed you.

good, now when he goes into the hall he can wear his Rangers gear. and to reiterate, Pow Pow!

I suppose this means surgery for Saltalamacchia. Good move for the Rangers, depending on what they’re giving up.

Way to go, JD! You just increased your depth and brought the fans to another level! Pudge is still a god here. Thanks!

Congratulations to the Rangers Management. What a move. Now there is a huge fan favorite in the clubhouse who has a WS ring. This has to pay off in hundreds of ways.

Good job JD.

here’s what we gave up for pudge:

Nevarez has a huge arm and is extremely raw. He’s the kind of player a system as deep as the Rangers’ can absolutely afford to trade. Drafted in the 10th round in 2005, he’ll be Rule 5-eligible this winter and would never have been protected by Texas, and thus potentially lost. (For that reason, I’d expect Houston to add him to its roster in November.) After struggling with injuries and command for several years, the 6’5”, 220-pound righthander has broken out in 2009, posting a 2.83 ERA out of the Crawdads bullpen and striking out 50 in 35 innings. He’s scattered just 22 hits (one home run) and 15 walks, with a positive G/F rate. Risk-reward type. Could be a power set-up arm in the big leagues one day . . . could top out at AA.


Rangers outfielder David Murphy said he will give up his No. 7 and he’ll switch to No. 14.

What a great move by the Rangers. Thanks JD,Nolan Mr. Hicks and any body else that had any say in it. Go Rangers

What a great move by the Rangers. Thanks JD,Nolan Mr. Hicks and any body else that had any say in it. Go Rangers

Same old Rangers. What ever happened to the person who said, Pudge would only catch a couple more years anyways? Now they want him back so he can retire here? I would have much rather kept him from 2002 til the present. But hey he was better off leaving, he played his buttocks off with the Marlins and got that ring. He also played in the series with the Tigers. I love Pudge, he is my favorite all-time Ranger. He is a HOFer. The bottom line is any player that did what he did when he walked into Hick’s office and took less money to stay, should have never been allowed to walk away because of money. That seems to be a pattern of behavior here, players walk because of Hicks unwillingness to pay for what they have accomplished here. At the end of Hicks tenure he has figured out that he needs to go with younger players and save money. Wow! Pudge at 37 years old is still the best catcher on the Rangers period end of story. And just remember, his career as a catcher was supposed to be over in 2003.

Speaking of players, i heard Josh Hamilton just re-negotiated his contract for some jello shots and a six pack of beer. How much money has Hamilton cost himself because of his addiction issues? Will he even get that $10 + million that he so richly deserved? We should have traded him last year at his peak.

D’god your comment on Josh Hamilton lacks class. I just can’t imagine any professional police organization needing your services. You are an idiot!

I am an idiot and Josh is the feel good story of the year? Ha ha. At least i am not out there professing to be something while doing the opposite of what i am professing to be. The bottom line is Josh has issues, which he brought upon himself. He has cost himself millions of dollars because of the bad choices HE made. No one else! I personally could care less, EXCEPT for the fact that WE as a SOCIETY have to take care of and pay for their personal choices. Want to know why everything is so expensive. Talk to the drug addicted thieves that are driving the bus on the crime in this country. But forget about that i am not a police officer anyway i am like you a college professor.

Well.. you change stories don’t you? I remember you just last year telling us about the spiked brownies in the station house. You know what…I think you just try to yank our chains….and lie. And what I said holds true….I can’t imagine and Police Science program hiring you as a prof..You’re an idiot!

I don’t care about Josh being the feel good story of the year…I care about a guy who has built his average 40 plus points since the All Star break. I care about a guy who dives for balls like he did last night….and that’s after two of his plays cost him 50 games on the DL earlier this year. I care about a guy who is batting just about 500 over the last 9 games…a real leader!

This is a baseball Blog not a political Blog! Oh…and get a life!

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