Nevarez, Vallejo for Rodriguez

The Rangers have given up infielder Jose Vallejo and Class A pitcher Matt Nevarez.

Jamey Newberg’s take on Matt Nevarez:

Nevarez has a huge arm and is extremely raw.  He’s the kind of player a system as deep as the Rangers’ can absolutely afford to trade.  Drafted in the 10th round in 2005, he’ll be Rule 5-eligible this winter and would never have been protected by Texas, and thus potentially lost.  (For that reason, I’d expect Houston to add him to its roster in November.) 

 After struggling with injuries and command for several years, the 6’5″, 220-pound righthander has broken out in 2009, posting a 2.83 ERA out of the Crawdads bullpen and striking out 50 in 35 innings.  He’s scattered just 22 hits (one home run) and 15 walks, with a positive G/F rate.  Risk-reward type.  Could be a power set-up arm in the big leagues one day.

Jose Vallejo:

This guy has a chance to be a good Major League infielder. He has speed and he can play some defense. For obvious reasons – Kinsler, Andrus, even Marcus Lemon – he was quite available. He is a good pickup for the Astros.

The Astros did not just give Pudge away.


I like Vallejo’s upside, but realistically he wasn’t going to unseat any of our current infielders in the next 4 years and utility guys are relatively easy to come by. Nevarez is pretty old for the league he’s in and there’s no way he would’ve been protected in the offseason. Maybe Houston can afford the roster spot and if he can end next season at Double-A then he’s not far off track. Time will tell, but I doubt anybody got robbed here. I like Vallejo, but he wasn’t going to play here everyday and Navarez is way, way down on the list of arms I’d hate to lose, especially given his roster status.

Depth on the farm coming thru at the right time, plus it looks like this good be good for the two players heading to Houston.

I still like this deal. The clubhouse presence alone has to be a positive.

Mike and Hank are the only ones left to have played here with him????

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