Purke does not sign…headed for TCU

Matt Purke has turned down a $4 million offer from the Rangers and will attend TCU… the Rangers did not sign their first round pick…They will get a similar compensation pick next year.

This is the first time in club history they have failed to sign their first-round pick.

Purke walked away from $4 million…a chance to pitch in his home state…a chance to be mentored by Nolan Ryan… a chance to pitch for a franchise on the upswing.

Instead he will pitch in the Mountain West Conference for two more years…

The Rangers did sign their 17th round pick, Paul Strong, a high school pitcher from Southern California…


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! I just read that he signed within the last 30min. of the day. What’s going on here? We counldn’t front the other million it would have taken to sign him?

Wow, what a fool…

Hate to change the subject but did you guys see Richardson’s wife tonight? Impressive.

It’s actually just two years as he will be a draft-eligible sophomore, but we’ll take him anyway. Go Frogs!

What a disappointment. Not on the Rangers efforts to sign him, but just the fact that he turned that down.
Alex White (15th overall) signed at 2.25m
Tyler Matzek (11th overall) at 3.9m
Zack Wheeler (6th overall) for 3.3m

Good offer Rangers, use the money to go sign some guys from Latin America…

Oh, and that’s the Mountain West Conference, thank you!

this sucks. I will never root for this guy unless somebody tells me that 4 million dollars is worth not signing over. He should fire his agent (my bad, his “Advisor”). Unless something else cahnges, IDK. I heard one thing, and now I’m hearing another. I’ll check back in tomorrow, but I believe TR already.

Look on the bright side – at least it’ll be close and inexpensive to go heckle him the next couple of years…

Good Lord T.R. you sound like someone ran over your dog.

Just because he didn’t sign with the Rangers isn’t a reason to get all bitter and sullen.

Purke will get to pitch in Texas and pitch for a program on the upswing.

Oh and like someone said before it’s the Mountain West Conference.

Just think all the grief the Rangers would have missed out on if they hadn’t signed other first round picks like Benji Gil, Sam Marsonek , Jonathan Johnson, Dan Smith and Donald Harris.

i suppose this means there’s no way the rangers won’t sign scheppers…

Very disappointed in not getting Purke done. I guess its all about signability. Earlier picks signed for less than what the Rangers were offering.
Seemed like a good situation for him and seems like a bad gamble to go to college.
As far as TCU is concerned, I know the program is on the up tick, but having to play in a super regional in Houston (Rice) or Austin (Texas) makes it very difficult to get to the CWS.
No national exposure, a larger signing bonus in two years seems unlikely. I think he made a mistake if this is true.
P.S. Nothing against TCU

Purke made a mistake. We’re better off without that dumb@$$ anyways.

Purke thinking to himself…”Hmmm, take the $4 Million contract to play in front of my home town, buy a sweet car, score a hot babe and play for a team on the rise…OR…wait two more years to be drafted, take the risk of getting a career ending injury, play against powerhouses like Utah, Air Force, UNLV etc, hope my meal ticket works in the dorm cafeteria, get drafted in two years later than round one and get paid less bonus money AND worry about getting drafted by the Royals or Nats.”

He must have rich parents and a bad agent! That’s too bad. I hope he stays healthy.

Did he actually turn down $4 million or was it $2.3 as Randy Galloway reported today?

Probably $2.3 after taxes……..I’m sure he’ll find plenty of pretty girls at TCU………and actually the life there has to be superior than being on a bus to Bakersfield………have you ever been to Bakersfield? When you blow your nose mud comes out! Nolan and JD have only themselves to blame on this on and Nolan had an inside track……….not impressed with the front office on this one, that’s for sure!

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