Richardson coming up for Saltalamacchia

The Rangers are promoting catcher Kevin Richardson from Triple A Oklahoma City. He will replace Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who is going on the disabled list with a sore right arm.

Richardson is hitting .223 with 12 home runs and 34 RBI in 66 games and 229 at-bats. Richardson, 28, was a non-drafted free agent signed in 2002 out of Gonzaga.

The Rangers are actively looking for catching help on the trade market.

Kinsler batting sixth: Also, Ian Kinsler is in the lineup on Saturday but he is batting sixth. Julio Borbon is in the leadoff spot.



that is a perfect place for Ian, hopefully Wash is getting and idea of what the lineup will be like next year with Borbon at the top and Ian in the middle… 5th will be a better spot eventully but good for now to get the pressure off of him until he comes around just like Josh did

If they are looking, they should look at Doumitt, with Pittsburg. They’ve already dealt a few and he’d be a good addition for the Rangers. He’s nearly healthy, his bat has pop, and he’d probably like a chance at the playoffs. He did awfully well last yr, but had a wrist injury earlier this season. But he has serious pop when right.

I agree with txryan17, 6th is a great place for Kins for now. Hope he does not go back to lead off!

never thought wed be looking for aquiring catching help

K-Rich is one of the good guys – so glad to see him get the promotion.

Congrats to Kevin. Couldn’t happen to a nicer and more dedicated person. He has paid his dues in AAA the past two years, and deserved the callup to get a chance to show that he can get the job done.

So much for all the catching depth. Daniels got caught up in all the Halliday hype and forgot to go get some catching and pitching help. Taylor can catch but he can’t hit a major league fast ball, and this is the second year in a row Salti’s arm has shelved him. Daniels new Max was hurt! Do you really want Richardson catching in a playoff race!!

rynoexpress: I don’t think anyone would have expected both Salty and Ramirez to be down at the same time…

I wonder if Melhuse would be interested (again). He just retired barely two months ago from the Pirates Organization, so unless he let himself go to pot, he should still be in game shape.

I think Melhuse would be a good option because he’s a veteran that can handle a pitching staff in a pinch that doesn’t have to clear waivers. Anyone the Rangers could afford to trade for could easily be claimed off waivers by the Angels or Red Sox. It would be chump change to them to keep the Rangers at a disadvantage…

Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia was placed on the DL with unspecified shoulder fatigue on Saturday. While the club said he had some symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, he will undergo further tests this week to get a final diagnosis.

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