Saltalamacchia leaves with concerns about right arm

Jarrod Saltalamacchia has something going on in his right arm. He had soreness in his right shoulder last week in Anaheim and had to come out of Friday’s game with the Red Sox in the fourth inning because of numbness in his right hand.

He was having trouble throwing and the Rangers are concerned. There is a possibility he could have to go on the disabled list to get it right.

“It’s tough,” Saltalamacchia said. “I want to play. I don’t want to hurt the team but I want to play.”

Right now nobody is sure if the numbness in the hand is related to the shoulder problems of last week.

“We’ll just see how it feels tomorrow,” Saltalamacchia said. “Hopefully it won’t feel the same way.”



I hope the above story is right. Personally, I am becoming very concerned about Salty. I am concerned it is a Steve Sax / Chuck Knoblach thing where he is psyched out on throwing the ball back to the mound.

i predict this is the beginning of the end for salty in texas..i think they will offer him first base and he will not accept and eventually end up with him being traded..just a hunch..i like taylor better anyhow

who posts the most? n is there like a couple guys on here that is more respected? there a nice texasd ranger forum anywhere? and is it farely active with lots of discussions where you can make profiles and it has like a type of layout?

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