Of Common Sense, Twin Sisters and Crapulous Mass

Sorry, forgot. Was it the deadspin.com or nospinzone.com that made everybody’s weekend?

Wait a minute..nospinzone, that’s Billy O’Reilly…or Keith Olberman. Or is it Ann Coulter or Rachel Maddow. Never can remember which one is Coulter and which one is Maddow – are they twin sisters? – although do know one reveres Joe McCarthy and the other Robert Redford.

The Sting was a great movie.

Ben_Franklin_510.jpgSo Mr. Gore, how’s your invention doing so far? Oops, that’s right. This is an internet company, better be careful, and not sure if it’s time to blog or tweet.

Actually blogging goes back to the foundations of American journalism in Colonial days when everybody had their own pamphlet and Ben Franklin – with Poor Richard’s Almanac – was one of the first bloggers and Tom Paine had them all stirred up with Common Sense.

“These are the times that try men’s souls” wrote Tommy in one of his pre-internet blogs and he was probably more Maddow than Coulter it sounds like. Apparently he had a few commenters himself to deal with as one guy suggested that without monarchy America would “degenerate to democracy” and John Adams suggested Common Sense was “crapulous mass.”

Crapulous mass? Think somebody once said that about the Mailbag.

Big difference between now and then: Paine and Franklin didn’t have photos taken at the Raleigh Tavern although it seems that Ben – besides being the greatest person to ever step foot on the North American continent – might very well have found his way to deadspin or nospinzone. Don’t think Billy and Ben would have liked each other.

Such radicals, those Founding Fathers, don’t you know.

So Josh Hamilton made a trip to the Raleigh Tavern, or whatever the establishment was called and the night was captured for posterity for judgment by one and all, or at least those who know how to surf.

I’ll pass. Have to get ready for Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill. We all have our issues, which is why somebody sang “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” although 7:05 p.m. CT is still the best time of day to forget all else.

Sorry, what did we all decide on Vicente Padilla? How do Billy and the Twin Sisters feel about that one? Man, it’s a quick trip from Pitcher of the Year to ex-Teammate of the Year. It’s also a long time between January and August as pitcher and outfielder both realize

Of course most root for Hamilton – except for a few Raleigh Tavern patrons who find their way to the bleacher seats and spout much crapulous mass. Hamilton just looks like a grownup Huckleberry Finn 15 years after the trip down the river with Jim and certainly all signs still point to happy ending although there is no Yellow Brick Road in baseball these days and one becomes numb at the carnage.

Jaded even, but this is Arlington where they rejoice in the arrival of Holland, Andrus and Feliz but don’t forget that Pudge plays for the Houston Astros. Tonight we are in Cleveland, the last place Juan Gonzalez was seen on a Major League field.

Wrote Roger Kahn, “Losing after great striving is the story of man, who was born to sorrow, whose sweetest songs tell of saddest thoughts.”

Or maybe he just blogged that. Crapulous mass seems about right.


Thanks for writing again. Enjoy it when you write a thought-provoking column.

Nice column. The meaning of “crapulous”, however (as Professor Kingsfield reminds us in The Paper Chase), is “overindulgent” or “intemperate,” especially with regard to food and/or drink. So, I guess Hamilton’s issues at the Raleigh Tavern can be generally characterized as crapulousness. Along with the conduct of many in the bleachers.

Josh Hamilton does not have an easy road ahead of him – and anyone who thinks he won’t “fall” a few times is misguided. And taking glee when a fellow human being fails like this? I’m not sure this family friendly site would let me type what I think of them.


Man, just a few of my hot buttons here…

Olbermann is a complete idiot. Since when does a stint on ESPN make you a politcial genius? Or, does it make one the sage of the 21st century as he fancies himself to be…

Josh Hamiltion is human, get over it. I’m with ya Julia.

None of us know the behind the scenes stuff on Padilla but that last game he pitched was really questionable IMO. I really had a difficult time even watching the games he pitched once a baserunner appeared. The man was at his best when he just threw the damn ball and he refused to do it consistently. TR, you pointed out in the mailbag that Padilla’s absence could be a big hole during the stretch run but I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

“Crapulous mass” can indeed define a moment in all of our lives at one point or another. Its how we respond to those times, if being hurtful and offensive to ourselves and others, that define who we are. Its gonna be a tough road for Josh but it will be a lot smoother when paved by “the better angels” of his nature. I believe the same can be said about me and everyone on this blog. Outstanding T. R.. Go Rangers! There is a pennant race race to focus on!

A beautiful piece, T.R. I salute you.

Josh is golden and anyone who speaks out against lauding and heroworshipping someone because they made a conscious decision to become unconscious is ridiculous. You people need to join the real world and see that drug abuse is driving the bus on most if not all of the crime that occurrs in this country. Drug addiction is the reason some of you have concealed handguns, lock your doors and are afraid of going out at night. I want Josh to overcome his problems and he seems to know that he has a problem. But even with that it is 50:50 that he will make it. I hope he does. But the bottom line is you just can’t depend on addicts to be any thing else than self destructive. If Josh continues to hit in the .230’s and has another instance where he steps from beer to cocaine then he will be and should be done in baseball. I would like to see the Rangers reach out to the drug abusers in the Dallas and Tarrant County jails since they are so enthralled with this ‘feelgood story’. The bottom line is no one is perfect not even christians, but you also don’t see me out there writing books, making money off my own personal misery, professing one thing and then doing another. And yes i have a hardon for drug abuse because i have seen it first hand in my own family with a brother who is 48 years old and still struggles with it. It has been going on since i was 9 years old so 34 years of experience with someone i love who is the victim. So don’t give me i don’t know what i am talking about. What i don’t like is the covering up of this story. This should have been reported publicly in January and it would have not effected the season. Josh has put himself front and center with this issue and the Rangers not coming forward with this just let someone else make money off those pictures. This organization, his wife, his church and his preacher, the commissioner should tell him. Hey Josh, if you drink one more drink you are done in your marriage and your baseball career. The excusers on here are not doing Josh any favors. IF he goes back to what he did in the past, you people will drop him like a hot potato. Good Luck Josh, watch your back and don’t even take one sip, that is the “old devil” temptin ya….

As usual D’god you take the obvious and you beat it up until we’re not interested. YOu could have said it in 3 sentences instead…..on and on and on. SORRY FOR YOUR FAMILY BUT DON’T BEGRUDGE THE FACT THAT JOSH HAMILTON IS MAKING SOMETHING OF HIS LIFE. SOME PEOPLE CAN OVERCOME ALBIET WITH OCCASSIONAL SLIPS. INSTEAD OF BITCHING WHY NOT SAY A PRAYER FOR THEM.

get over yourself fred………….d’god great comments………

“Baseball is like church; many attend, few understand.” – Leo Durocher.

Ahh, those were times of destiny Sully. Our Rangers are beating path towards same, yet under different flag of folly. Hicks & staff have progressed the Rangers, over the past three years, into a sate of union now ready for new order of new owner. Baby steps have become wider. They must… say I.

I guess people are either glass half full or glass half empty folks. D’god and Jolly have formed the “wait and watch (and maybe even hope) Josh has a beer and goes directly back to cocaine club” (see…we were right!)while I (and some others) simply enjoy a guy who bounces off walls and whacks the cover off the ball. There’s so much good to talk about on this clulb and their great run this year…why do these guys continue to talk “smack” (litterally)!

Most need a Mug Full, Fred… are you kidding me? Read the threads. Angry, angst, frustrated fans, with no lives. A 12pak is a must, before game starts, or loud wasted in stands. Then the whine & finger pointing at forum follows, especially past midnight. There is no half full… many are watching the year go bye, without a thought of bliss. Itz really sad they can even comment on Hamilton, or for the Rangers, objectively. Same attitude follows into fall ball, with Cowboys. yeehaw! Dadgum KeithO, time for ‘nuther round. yeehaw! Ice’m bucket down, baby. I’ll need it to puke in, before I pass out… can you see the Continental Congress walking in with their 12pak tucked under arm, before each meeting?

I think you’re being a little tough on Hamilton D’god. He got drunk and caroused with some females who were not his wife and, according to pictures I saw, had there hands in places reserved only for his wife. He has NOT fallen back into his cocaine addiction and many people DO beat their addictions with minor hiccups along the road to their recovery. The ONLY issue in this should be between Josh and his wife. Regarding his personal faith. That’s between him and God and NO ONE can question matters of the heart. Every one of us sins and no sin is more heinous than another. It’s a non-baseball issue and if it is the worst thing that happens, he will be fine. He was at least man enough to stand and face the music and I think he deserves credit for that. His bat is waking up and this team is rolling. Sit back and enjoy the Aug-Sept run. It’s going to be great to watch. If you get so caught up focusing on individuals, you’ll miss what the “team” is doing. And the great thing is this is a TEAM. Rock on boys! The true fans have got your backs. I hope d’god that when you are dealing with people in your job who are at the lowest point in their lives; you are instilling some guidance and hope in them while bringing them to justice and not just piling on. It’s easier to kick someone when their down but it takes more strength to extend your hand and help them up. Having predicted failure for Josh in the past is no badge of honor.

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