Monday Morning Manager…Storming the Gates

So it’s August 10 and no doubt everybody is celebrating the 317th anniversary of the Storming of the Tuileries Palace, which brought down the French monarchy.

But here in America it’s the Rangers who are storming uncharted territory as they sit tied with the Red Sox for the Wild Card lead in the American League.

Not absolutely sure but that may be a first in club history…

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla?

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday.

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation?

4. John Smoltz anybody?

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson?


DFAing Vincente……..stupid move in the middle of the race….shows management weak on managing……..
Hamilton blowup in middle of race……….stupid move not to address in January and get it over with………and Josh, forget the bogus Bible tour, just hit the baseball if you want credability because you will NEVER be a role model for my kids……….
Nippert in rotation…..who else is left after you trash vincente…..Smoltz? Why bother?
Frankie for closer…….CJ does offer move flexability……so can we give the 7th to O’Day and quit using Eddie beyond one hitter?

1. Probably – I’m not in clubhouse so I don’t know for sure, his former teammates seem to think it was the right move. Giving up veteran pitcher in the middle of a division/wild card race is a pretty gutsy move – I’m one who is always saying that the Rangers should stick with their younger players – here’s the young pitchers opportunity to show my faith (and Jon Daniels) is not misplaced.

2. The Gospel of John, Chapter 8, Verse 7 “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”. How many times did Daryl Strawberry and Steve Howe get “another chance” from MLB and baseball fans – seems Josh Hamilton should be given the same wide berth – he’s a young man struggling with an addiction that will be with him the rest of his life – I’m not as conflicted as some – I don’t put athletes on a pedestal. They are human beings there are nice guys and not-so-nice guys, yes they are talented – but that doesn’t make them any smarter or better than the rest of us – many non-athletes I know are much, much better people that some of the baseball players I’ve met. They make mistakes, they do stupid things, they struggle – just like I do. The Rangers and Josh appear to be handling the situation – let’s move on to something else.

3. Sure – he’s performed well, so far.

4. Nope – one of the saddest things to watch in any sport is superior athlete who doesn’t know when to make a graceful exit.

5. I think CJ earned the job while Frank was on the DL. However, I do under Ron Washington’s explanation that CJ can pitch multiple innings, while Frank is limited to one.

1. If he’s a distraction like everybody says, then it is a good move. I hate to see it happen, but it’s not as if the Rangers were going to keep him past this year anyways.

2. Josh was forthcomming with it and didn’t try to make excuses or blame it on something else. All of those ‘roid infused liars could take a page out of his book. He didn’t do anything that I don’t do every weekend. The only differance is that he’s set the bar higher for himself. If somebody caught Michael Young at a bar or C.J. Wilson with some ladies, nobody would care.

3. Nippert hasn’t given anybody a reason to take him out of the rotation.

4. Smoltz is getting lit up like Christmas by everybody. That sounds counter productive.

5. C.J.’s great, but you have to admit things were better with O’Day in the 7th, C.J. in the 8th and Frankie in the 9th.

1. Absolutely. Giving Padilla the big contract is the single biggest blot on JD’s record. I wanted Padilla out of here since 2007.

2. Sad, but it’s his business, not mine. I hope he does well, but it may be a 50-50 thing whether he does or not.

3. Yes.

4. No.

5. FF.

Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla?

At first, no. But after hearing the players’ comments, it seemed like the right thing to do. It also removes a poor influence on our young guys. The guy seemed like he was off in his own little world, but I didn’t really care since he had put him pretty good numbers. I just hope Nippert and Holland can hold up down the stretch.

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday?

It’s disappointing, but least he wasn’t smoking crack. I think it was a minor bump in the road. He’s fine.

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation?

Not really. I thought we should’ve picked up Washburn at the deadline.

4. John Smoltz anybody?

He’s a nice guy, but his career is done. Besides, I don’t think he would even want to come here. I expect him to announce his retirement shortly.

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson?

I’ve fine with either one. When CJ blows games though, even occasionally, it really gets my blood boiling. We have to remember that Frank was lights out the first two months of the year. Let’s just stick with Frankie for now. Like Wash said, I feel comfortable with CJ pitching more than an inning so he’s better suited for a seventh, eighth inning guy. He’s good for 4 or 5 outs when we need it.

1. When trying to build a champion, there are going to be bumps in the road. But to have a clubhouse cancer that Padilla was reported to be is beyond even this team, which appears to have a great clubhouse chemistry. The antics of Padilla were too much for anyone to overcome, let alone the Rangers. You have to give Jon Daniels a ton of credit for having the minerals to make this move.

2. I have to say that I am disappointed that Josh relapsed, but at the same time, I know it must be hard for him. It just goes to show that he has a real problem that has to be checked every waking minute. There’s a reason he’s got a “handler.” I love Josh Hamilton and I forgive him for what happened. I have a great amount of respect for any person who can own up to something like that with as much scrutiny as is heaped upon him.

3. There are worse things that could happen. Nippert’s performance truly is what made Padilla expendable. If Dustin isn’t throwing as well as he has been, the Padilla decision is that much more difficult. If I’m JD, I am fine taking my chances with Nippert in the rotation.

4. Smoltz would be a great addition to the clubhouse. Just his presence alone would be enough to help the rotation. I’m not sure about his abilities at this stage of his career. He has really gotten shelled since he returned from his injury. I think between him, Maddux, and Nolan that there could be a plan devised whereby a Smoltz experiment could work.

5. Francisco by a landslide. CJ is the perfect weapon to have come in and pitch the 8th inning and he reminds me too much of Mitch “Wildthing” Williams. I just do not trust him to clamp down the 9th and close things down without giving me a heart attack in the process.

1. You like to get something for a player, especially a veteran, with some tread left on his wheels but I agree with the club. It is not cool to smile on the bench when your teammate gets drilled and it’s your fault.
2. Poor Josh…he’s down, he can’t get his meds adjusted and then this breaks. I guess the people who are dissing him up above have no alcohol or drugs problems…they’re perfect according to them. Josh had a problem, he notified the club….that’s the end of it.
3. Nippert has been fine and has earned the spot. What a change over last year.
4. I caught Smoltz a couple of times on the tube. He just doesn’t look comfortable out there. I really don’t want him even for major league minimums.
5. Francisco has looked uncomfortable out their. Two times ago wasn’t it 25 pitches to get two outs. Noot really what I want to see. I sugget Ron Washington uses them as a team…making up his mind at the last minute who get’s the 8th and who gets the 9th.

Meanwhile we’re moving right along and I still Believe.

1. Based on the players’ response, I would say it was the right move.

2. I try not to read that kind of stuff.

3. I hope Nippert has finally found some consistency. I’m glad he’s being given the opportunity, and he’s not giving it back.

4. I’ll pass.

5. FF will be a FA after next season, so if he’s part of the plan it’s time to extend him. If not, it might be time to trade him. I will say that I hope he is part of the long term plan.

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla?
Based on the player’s reaction, absolutely. One of the fun things about watching this team is that they really seem to enjoy playing together. If Padilla is not on board, he has to go

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday.
The same as with any athlete/celebrity when a similar story breaks…It is between he and his family. None of my business.
3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation?
He has been pitching well lately. No reason to keep him out.
4. John Smoltz anybody?
No. He has not pitched well at all. Would not be suprised to see him hang it up.
5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson?
I like Washington’s explanation – let CJ throw multiple innings when necessary and let Frank close it out. CJ does make me nervous at times, but he is money more often than not. I think it is a good problem to have.

1. Padilla had been a loose cannon for a while so I do not see how a move like this in a playoff push can be viewed as anything but a positive, especially from a player’s standpoint. The only loser in the equation is management for having to eat the remainder of that contract. The team has responded well in case no one noticed.

2. Apparaently Josh made his admissions in January so this whole thing should be considered a huge non-issue. Pobody’s Nerfect, This is why we have confession and absolution in church.

For those seeking a role model, look in the mirror.

3. Carpe diem , Dustin. Carpe diem.

4. No Thanks. The man had a great career but now is not his time.

5. F2 should close. I know CJ wnats that job but the CJ – F2 late inning combo’s success cannot be argued with and makes the team better.

1. Padilla, I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said………but I agree, this guy needed to go. This dude has always had some “crazy” in his eyes!!! Cut your losses and move on because honestly were playing for next year.
2. Hamilton, I knew there was a reason for his poor hitting this season. Good hitter’s always have confidence and their head has to be right……I’m sure he’s been kicking his own *** all season about this and now that it’s out, I can see him hitting better the rest of the season.
3. Nippert deserves the chance….but like I said above, it appears the front office is playing for next year.
4. He’ll come cheap but lets stick with what we’ve got.
5. If Franky’s healthy, he’s the man…….I must also say that I trust Ron Washington, his players are playing hard for him.

1. Yes, absolutely.
2. Disappointment, but he apparently handled it the way he is supposed to. 3. Not long term. Plan B will be needed soon er rather than later. 4. John Smoltz – good heavens, no. We already have Eddie, and one member of the over-the-hill club is too many. 5. Frankie, unless his arm falls off.

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla?

I think it was better than giving him his way and with the impressionable young players around his influence could serve long term repercussions.

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday.

Well after seeing the pictures I am uncomfortable and while I support him I not 100% sure I buy his whole story.

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation?

Absolutely, I like to think of him as a pitching version of Nelson Cruz once he gets a lasting oppurtunity he wont be perfect but he’ll have good streaks and bad streaks.

4. John Smoltz anybody? NOOOO

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson?

Neither, Darren O’Day should close.

1. Yes. The message sent by putting him on waivers earlier in the year wore off fairly quickly if it was recieved at all. It probably should come as little surprise that one of the few established pitchers who’s shown an interest in pitching for the Rangers the past few seasons is a mental case.
2. I’m not happy that he fell off the wagon, but he handled it the right way.
3. Yes. I’ve been skeptical about him in the past, but he’s going well now and I’m trusting Maddux to get the most out of his considerable talent.
4. No thanks.
5. Frank, as long as he’s healthy enough to fill the role.

1. Heck yes… it’s like Byrd put it “…about time.” Padilla has great talent but you never know which Padilla that you are going to get. Are you going to get the guy who will battle out there and mix the fast ball with the great breaking ball at changing speeds, or are you getting the guy who gets mad and hits someone inside that ends up costing runs which helps cost a game? That’s a question I don’t think the Rangers need to worry about every 5th day. Not worth it.

2. I think Newberg put it best that it’s a story he didn’t want to write about. A few weeks ago I was walking through the rangers locker room and when you get to Josh’s locker you really get a glimpse of who Josh is. Josh is a guy that has made a lot of great changes in his life and like he said “he gives all the glory to God.” You see books in his locker where he’s trying to learn more and continue down a better and brighter path. He is going to face temptations and he’s going to fail every once in a while, but overcoming addiction isn’t an easy thing. It hurts to see someone you love fall but it’s amazing to see when they get back up.

3. I’m not thrilled about it but a lot of it’s because he’s a real valuable guy coming out of the bullpen. I think him or holland need to be out there in long relief.

4. I’d love to have his veteran leadership down the stretch. The man knows how to win. Heck even if he’s just going to be a bullpen guy then I think it’s a great addition.

5. Great problem to have. I get sick of people jumping on CJ. The man has been outstanding this year. He may have had a few bumps and lost a couple of games but so has many others. I like CJ being able to pitch multiple innings but the guys has great stuff and without CJ this team would not be where it is today.

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla? Glad he’s gone. What a jerk! Seeing him in the dug out smiling when Young get drilled for what he did was awful.

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday. I think he handled it as it should have been handled. He was my favorite player on this team and he still is. It was good to see him accept the responsibility for what he did

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation? Sure am.

4. John Smoltz anybody? It’d be interesting to see. I’d love to see how that would work out.

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson? Francisco. Let Wilson be the set-up man.

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla?
Absolutely. The salary we’ll eat hurts, but we’re better off without him, chemistry-wise.

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday.
Non-issue. He’s an addict and he’s going to slip sometimes. He’ll be fine as long as he clings to his religious delusions.

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation?
Most definitely. Nips is our very own “Big Unit”.

4. John Smoltz anybody?
Nah, we already have Padilla’s salary baggage. Our young arms can do it, if not, great warm-up for the pennant in 2010.

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson?
Frankie. CJ has done a fine job, but he does make me nervous when he “makes things interesting” in the ninth.

1. Even with Padilla in the starting rotation, this team could have used another dependable arm. The fact that they were willing to part with him anyway must mean something. With clubhouse leaders like Michael Young and Marlon Byrd voicing their support, I have to believe that management made the appropriate move for the team. It is a shame, though, that things couldn’t ultimately work out for Padilla here. There were times when I really enjoyed watching him pitch.
2. After last season’s triumphs (like the RBI title and the Home Run Derby spectacle), I think some fans forgot that Josh is still in the process of recovering from his addictions. It’s understandable that he will face temptations and challenges along the way, and in the least, it’s commendable that he has willingly answered to the organization, to the fans, and most importantly, to his family. He’s working hard and doing his best, and we can lend him our prayers and support as we put this issue to rest and move forward.

3. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be comfortable with a young pitcher stepping into the rotation in the midst of a pennant race, but the way that our pitchers have been performing all season in pressure situations has been encouraging. With the way he’s performed so far, Nippert has earned the opportunity he’s receiving, and, with only a couple of months to go, he could be highly effective.

4. Adding Smoltz could be a good low-risk/high-reward move. Even if he couldn’t contribute a lot of innings, he might be able to share the benefit of his years of experience with our young pitchers. But the guy might be ready to step away from the game.

5. C.J.’s been solid for the most part and has provided a major boost to the bullpen, but Francisco is more suited to the role of closer. C.J., at times, seems too thoughtful and deliberate on the mound; Frankie just goes in and blows batters away.

1) No
2) Predictable. In fact it was predicted. You can’t trust an addict. In fact, Josh just probably cost himself his re-negotiated contract. The Rangers will be more than happy to continue paying him $400,000 + per year until they either have to pay him or trade him. Not sure if he is gonna get that $10 million plus. “I wanted to see if i could drink just one drink.” Well the answer is you can’t do that if you are an addict, because that first one leads to the next one, an the next thing you know you are behind the 8 ball, or at least doing one. Would the Rangers really care about this guy if he hadn’t done what he did last year? If he continues to hit .236 will they grow weary of him? I would like to see him at first base myself. But hey, it is the feel good story of the year. Guy is 5 tool player, drafted #1 overall and contracts addictive personality, chooses to use drugs and alcohol. Success story becomes, non-success story because of drug abuse, gets clean and then fullfills his potential. Wow! Makes me feel really good, maybe i should buy his book. Will there be another book now with new chapters? I have been clean for 8 months after committing lewd and liscivious acts with other women. Did i fail to mention i was married with two children???
3) Yes the guy can pitch.
4) No, but maybe Greg Maddux.
5) Frank or Neftali.

And another thing, i think it is ok for Daniels to release Padilla outright because he is accustomed to trading our pitchers and getting nothing in return. So what difference does it make. Besides Padilla probably did something that we don’t know about and will find out 8 months from now. Say hypothetically that he was drinking again and the Rangers didn’t like it. Well they can’t really list that now that the feel good story of the year was caught back in January of this year doing the same thing. That wouldn’t be good timing. Back to Hamilton, i like him as a person, love his talent, but in my experience you just can’t trust someone with addiction issues. They just can’t be counted on. The people that are around him right now are ENABLERS. Josh needs to realize that he can’t consume alcohol because that is the bridge to the cocaine blues.

1. Do you think the Rangers did the right thing with Vicente Padilla? Yes. When he was on, he was very good, but when he lost it it was like driving off a cliff. There never seemed to be any in-between with him, and the incident earlier in the week when he smiled after Young got HBP was the last straw. I’m glad JD had the cajones to pull it off.

2. What was your reaction to Josh Hamilton’s admission on Saturday. That’s between him and his family, and the Rangers. He has lots of support from both within the team and outside. And how many of you have relapsed in some way? Leave the poor guy alone – I predict he’s going to catch fire just when the Rangers need it.

3. Are you good with Dustin Nippert in the rotation? Yeah. He’s still got some rough edges, but if Maddox can smooth them out, and he can take the performances of Holland and Feldman as examples of what can be done, I think he’ll be fine. Now, is he a bona fide #2? No. I think a rotation of Millwood, Holland, Feldman, Nippert, and Hunter is the right mix right now.

4. John Smoltz anybody? No.

5. Who should close…Frank Francisco or CJ Wilson? Frankie for sure. CJ is too much of a loose cannon on the mound in the 9th inning. Frankie seems more focused and intent. I think CJ tends to get rattled when he allows that four-pitch, lead-off walk and things just go downhill from there. If anybody could benefit from a daily dose of “Babe Ruth’s dead, throw strikes,” it’s CJ.

How many extra players come up during september callups,
and who do u thimk will get to stay afterward.

ssarltx had the most cogent analysis…….this has probably been gnawing at josh all spring and season and now that it is out and the fact he is not being boo’ed at the plate should give him the opportunity to forgive himself and move on and maybe start hitting again………
but it has to be a huge negative as his agent tries to get the next contract……..
and if ssarltx is right about josh being distracted by this then what happens when the next distraction comes along… many points in the batting average will that mean?
baseball is a business and good businessmen take calculated risks but not risks with a low probability of success………would hate to hear the presentations of an arbitration hearing… would be just plain ugly………..
wonder how many of those books will sell now?

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