Vicente Padilla designated for assignment

The Rangers have designated pitcher Vicente Padilla for assignment. The Rangers will try to trade him but it’s more likely that he will get released.

Dustin Nippert is taking his spot in the rotation. General manager Jon Daniels said the decision was made after a culmination of events.

He goes immediately on trade waivers. A team can claim him but would be responsible for the rest of his salary. If he clears waivers, the Rangers could try to trade him and possibly pick up some of his remaining salary. If no trade is made, Padilla will be released and the Rangers will be responsible for the remainder of his $12 million salary.



Finally! Thank God! Just don’t pull him back.

It’s about time. The laughing on the bench was the finally straw.

laughing, as mike young gets thrown at, pissedmeoff

this guy confuses the hell out of me…how can a man throw 95 mph and have a nice change uyp be so ineffective..i guess he isnt deceptive enough..there were times throughout his career that he really was successful its almost like he doesnt care or gets bored..regardless i like the move it gives us one more spot for evaluation..nippert disserves it for sure..i wish him luck

Bravo. Never seemed a clutch pitcher and the hitting of batters for his mistakes was not only growing tiresome but dangerous to our hitters. The final straw came the other night in Oakland. I, like red ranger, was more than ticked off at the HBP and the laughing when Young was hit.
We’ve got young pitchers who show both more maturity and more ability.


Did anyone else catch how he was wandering around behind the mound and made Mike Maddux wait? The laughing in the dugout was just as bad.
Then it almost looked as if he was trying to just groove fastballs and if there was a game plan, he quite obviously was ignoring it.

This was a long time coming.

i am glad, the rangers have made progress to get rid of the non TEAM players ponzoin, bradely and now padilla. the rangers have played with so much heart this year and you can see the teamwork at play…GO RANGERS

Wow baseball ethos is so crazy………..chop off vincente for laughing at the ump and pat josh on the back for defrauding on his book tour………WOW!

Padilla had lost respect from his teammates and the staff. We’ve all played with players like him…….it wears on you!!!!
You can tell how bad the Rangers wanted to get rid of him because they’ll be responsible for his $12 million dollar contract…….in years past they would have kept a player in this same position, just to save the money.

As for Hamilton, I guess this explains why his BA, HR’s & RBI’s are off this season.

Another pitcher gone with no compensation in return. Way to go Daniels.

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