Cruz still hurting; roster move pending

Nelson Cruz tried to test his sprained left ankle on Thursday morning simply by playing catch before the Rangers game with the Athletics.

It did not go well. The swelling has subsided but there is still pain and stiffness in the ankle. The Rangers may be forced to put him on the disabled list.

He was hoping to play during the three-game series against the Angels but that’s not looking good.

The Rangers are planning some kind of roster move and they could add Brandon Boggs after Thursday’s game. He would replace reliever Doug Mathis if the Rangers decide to go back to seven relievers. Julio Borbon is another possibility.

Manager Ron Washington is down to a three-man bench, including Cruz who can’t play. He had Elvis Andrus and Taylor Teagarden on the bench Thursday with Esteban German starting at second and Omar Vizquel at shortstop.

Washington had no pinch-hitters on Wednesday night in the ninth inning when, down by two runs, the Rangers had Teagarden, Andrus and Vizquel facing Oakland closer Andrew Bailey.

“We’ve got to get back to full strength,” Washington said. “We don’t have enough bench.”



I know Wash struglles with game strategy, but does he realize he can use his other catcher to pinch hit? Oh, and he can play Murphy in right field as a defensive replacement in the late innings too. If he had done that on Monday, Cruz wouldn’t be hurt and we possibly could have kept the game tied.
It’s hard not to like Wash, but sometimes when I see him chomping his bird seeds in the dugout instead of managing I just lose it!

Tell me something Rod….If he uses Saltalamachia as a pinch hitter then who catches if there is a cathing injury?


Cruz plays rightfield and Murphy plays leftfield because Cruz is the better defensive player. Your weakest outfielder plays left in the major leagues. Little Johnnie who can’t catch a cold in junior midgets plays right not in the majors. Cruz has a much better arm and is much faster than Murphy. This is not a knock on Murphy as he is an above average fielder with an above average arm but nowhere near the quailty of Cruz. Late inning defensive substitutions are for defensive upgrades and Murphy for Cruz would not be a defensive upgrade. I promise you Wash knows more about managing baseball than all of us who read and comment on this blog. And definately more than you do based on your defensive substitution comment.

IDK, but I’m banking on Murphy to be the catcher in that scenerio.

If I remember correctly Omar Visquel and or David Murphy are both emergency catchers.

Beth dont be so sure that Ron knows a whole lot about managing. In Mon and Tues night I could make a list of crap he did that many respectable managers would have never done. But I do agree with your assesment on the outfield. And he is short handed with Cruz hurt and 2 starters that cant dependably go more than 5. BTW the rangers arent doing well because of wash. They are doing well because of maddux. Another way to look at it is Theyd be doing better if it werent for wash. Imagine what wakamatsu (sic?) would have done with maddux as the pitching coach.. Wach is a coach NOT a manager.. In my opinion..

If Salty is catching who would you pinch hit Teagarden for? I can’t think of anyone in the lineup that I would pull for his bat. Much the same if Salty was the pinch hitter. Look at the stats, watch the games. Neither of our two catchers woudl be a major offensive improvment on any of the position players in our lineup.

Beth, you are out of you mind if you think Cruz is a better defensive outfielder than Murphy. He may have a stronger arm, but thats it. Much faster? Where do you come up with this stuff? Here is a little knowledge for you, in 2005 Murphy …was named Red Sox Minor League Defensive Player of the Year, after committing only 4 errors in 131 games in center field. Yes, he is a centerfielder, playing out of position. Who usually plays centerfield? Your best outfielder. That being said, Cruz is a good defender and there would be no need to substitute for him.

Buck, Cruz very likely is faster than Murphy, Elvis Andrus said Cruz is faster than he is.

I think jones is your best defender. Me be he mite be slower now but he is still better than anyone one on that team.

Instinct and reaction are much more important then base-running speed. Cruz maybe faster than Elvis but he doesn’t have his base-stealing instincts and doesn’t quite appear to have Murphy’s instincts in the field either. Speed can’t always make up for a late break.

I like Teagarden but he’s not cutting it at the plate. If Wash is going to start platooning, which it looks like he is, lets get someone who can hit a major league fastball – Tea can’t hit an average fastball. Where’s Max? Also, Wash has made MANY tactical mistakes during this series. I wish he would turn all in game pitching decisions over to Maddox. the debacle in the 7th inning on Tuesday may come back to hurt us!!!

How can you say cruz doesn’t have great base running instincts? He has 3 fewer steals than Andrus and has been caught stealing 3 times to Andrus’ 2. And cruz is a great fielder, he gets to a lot of balls and makes great catches. there was a game earlier this season where he caught an impossible ball.

Teagarden’s problem is lack of playing time, he should be in triple a and Max in double. We should have a veteran back up back stop. Having 2 young catchers does no good to either one. Send Tea down to fine tune his bat, get a veteran in to help teach Salty, thats the way we should have started the season, too late now. And i completely agree with you that maddux should be in charge of pitching changes, that is clearly not Wash’s strength, and it took Nolan Ryan’s encouraging to get it through Washington’s head that major league pitchers can go longer than 6 innings.

If you guys think the off catcher never pinch hits in the last inning because of risk of injury, you haven’t been watching baseball very long! Heck, Mauer even DH’s when Redmond catches. And nobody said Salty was a better option than the three scheduled hitters, but the article said Wash didn’t have ANY pinch hitters. I was simply stating that he did have options.
As far as Cruz being a better defender than Murphy…I can’t believe anyone with a TV can make that comment.
Not only is Cruz a below average defender he often dogs it in the outfield if he hasn’t had a good day at the plate.

Rod…In a home game maybe but this was a road game…even in a home game when you’re losing you can’t use your reserve catcher because you might tie it up in the bottom of the 9th and have to go into extra innings. Hard even for a young catcher to go 15 innings….and then there’s the issue of catching the afternoon game on the next day. No biggee Rod but you were wrong. I think it’s safe to say we all have been once or twice.

Wow, don’t try to win the game because you might tie it up???
No wonder you guys think Wash a good manager!

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