Rangers call up German, option Arias

The Rangers have called up infielder Esteban German from Triple A Oklahoma.

They have optioned Joaquin Arias and designated pitcher John Bannister for assignment. German will be with the Rangers for Wednesday’s game against the Oakland Athletics.

German, who can play both the infield and the outfield, was hitting .322 with 33 stolen bases for the RedHawks.


Arias does not have a major league swing! And why does Omar need a rest during the most important stetch of the season??? He’s been resting all season and can rest some more when Kinsler comes back. Come on Ron!!

Thank you ! I couldn’t find any info on why we don’t play Omar. He’s about the last player we have that should be sitting!

Omar played in the last 5 games of the home stand. Ron W said he would rest him for the first two games of the road trip because of the long flight and the lack of a day off. All of this was in the press days ago. Seems sensible given that Omar is 42.

They havent done that good since Kinslers been gone.

Ahhh good, more speeeeed… can he bunt?

German was hitting .322 with a .421 on-base percentage and 33 stolen bases in 101 games in OKC. I thinks he’s earmed a call-up.

German – love the offense, dread the glovework.

Well, once again we are starting to see why the Rangers don’t have any respect and cannot seem to make it to the big dance. Pitchers who don’t have it are left in two innings too long, and unready rookies are called up to replace veterans even when other veterans are available to play, like Omar. Omar should play as much as he can even after Kinsler comes back because Kinsler isn’t doing the job anyway. And once again we see pitchers who are good come into a game and demonstrate that they seem to believe they have some personal responsibility to keep a game interesting when their only job is to win. Either pitch to win like the season depends on it, because it does, or go find a bus boys job.

I’m no supporter of Arias, but it amazes me that Omar is held in such high regard by so many posters. Sure, he’s a great story – anyone who can play professional sports at 42 is exceptional – but this guy is running on fumes offensively, has limited range, and couldn’t outrun most ML catchers on the bases. He still has a good eye, can put the bat on the ball, and makes great plays on the balls he gets to, but that’s about it.

I agree with your points, but Omar is better than Arias!! Aria is not major league ready which is why he spent exactly 2 days in the bigs. Lets not forget why Omar is really here which is to mentor Elvis. But wouldn’t Mark Lorretta, or some other bench player say like Harriston who went to the Yankees look good in the line up right about now?

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