Monday Morning Manager..View from the Bay

Welcome to Monday Morning Manager…

All right, it’s Monday Afternoon. But it’s not everyone who can forget to turn on the alarm, oversleep, have his wife drive like Tazio Nuvolari to the airport and – after making the flight and arriving on time – go to the wrong hotel.

But some of us have our own unique way of arriving in San Francisco. But all is right when you end up in a room with a view of Lone Mountain, the spires of St. Ignatius and the Pacific Ocean.

If it wasn’t foggy.

The Rangers destiny is a little foggy as well…

1. Are the Rangers doing the right thing is bringing up Neftali Feliz?

2. Are you disappointed the Rangers didn’t do something at the Trade Deadline?

3. What’s your take on Roy Halladay refusing to come to Texas?

(By the way, there is irrefutable evidence that Halladay turned down the Rangers despite what the Toronto Blue Jays GM said)

4. What is more realistic…the Wild Card or the A.L. West title?

5. What Rangers player needs to step it up the most down the stretch?



1. Yes. Feliz will be right up there with the most effective members of the pen, and that is saying something.

2. Trade or not doesn’t matter. I’m disappointed they didn’t find a great deal, but pleased they didn’t make a foolish one.

3. I have something to say to Halladay, but can’t post it on this blog or in polite company.

(By the way, JD confirmed at Newberg Report Night that Halladay indicated he would reject a deal, ending talks between the Rangers and Jays.)

4.Baseball Prospectus uber-math forcast has the Rangers at 20% to win the West and 10% the Wild Card.

5. Hamilton and Kinsler obviously need to do better, and Holland urning the corner from prospect to star would help a lot too.

1. I think he could be the David Price of 2008. This will help limit his innings this year and there will be plenty of time during winter ball or AFL to get him back to starter form. Also, since his offspeed are still a work in progress, relief is betterbc he can blow away hitters once but may not far so well a second ot third time though the lineup. Also this will show him that he still has to work hard. 2. Not really bc there was so little out there but a thankful that they gave everything they could to attempt. I would have rather had Washburn if Seattle would trade him within the division. As JD said, they only went for true upgrades. 3. I dont get it, but I think its his loss but am actually glad it fell through. Basically it would have been like trading Tex for Halladay two years later due to waht they would have given up. HR happen in Texas bc of the jet stream but also due to bad pitching and big hitters. 4. LA cant sustain this pace with their pitching (4.75 ERA which is the only one over 4.5 on a winning team) and every hitter hitting 20-30 points over their career averages. Teams are finding ways to lose to them (ie Nathan gets the save about a week ago if the ball does not hit second). Boston is too good to slump and they seem to be coming out of it. Thus, I say AL West, but I really only care about making the playoffs since almost as many WCs make the WS than non WCs. 5. Everyone…this is a team game and its going to take all of them.

PS Anyone notice the angel hitters that are 25 to 30 points higer in batting average this year over their careen BA – This vs last (diff) Aybar 309vs 277 (032); Abreu 322 vs 301 (021); Rivera 316 vs 289 (027); morales 299 vs 273 (026); Figgins 313 vs 293 (020); Napoli 293 vs 260 (033); Izturis 302 vs 277 (025). This could continue but trends show that a cold stretch or two is likely. LA fans better hope thay dont have a cold stretch bc look at their team pitching stats compared to Texas. ERA 4.75 vs 4.18; Saves 32 of 44 vs 31 of 38; Hits allowed 975 vs 919; Runs allowed (ER) 512 (484) vs 454 (428); BA allowed .344 vs .331; Caught stealing 24 of 117 (20.5%) vs 25 of 90 (27.8%).

1. I have reservations, but I’m trusting their player development staff on this one. I’ve seen first hand how raw he can be, especially holding runners and finding consistency with his breaking ball, but I’ve also seen the ungodly heat he brings with seemingly little effort and how dominating a pitch his curve can be when he stays on top of it. I’m looking forward to his debut. I hope he goes a couple of inning so he gets fully loose and light the radar gun up.

2. Not really. We’ve come this far with this club and I’m content with finishing the season with young guys like Hunter and Holland in the rotation.

3. I can’t blame him. He clearly stated a preference to pitch on a coast and he’s had trouble in this park in the past. There is the heat to consider and the reputation of the park, deserved or not, would make a lot of pitchers lean another direction. I didn’t want to give up Holland, Smoak, Hunter and Borbon for him anyway.

4. West title.

5. Hamilton.

1) Why not? Let him get his feet wet. I see him as a closer down the road anyway. He doesn’t seem to have the stellar secondary stuff. It’ll be nice to have a fresh arm up here.

2) I thought they could have easily had Jarrod Washburn looking at what the Tigers gave up for him. As far as getting a bat, I’m not upset about that.

3) If you’re not psyched about coming here, I don’t want you. It’s probably for the best anyway. Holland and Smoak are going to be major players.

4) Ask me this question after this road trip. Right now, we have an equal shot at both. Boston picking up Victor doesn’t help though.

5) Ian Kinsler. We need a high average guy at the top of our order. Give me the Ian we saw the first six weeks of the year when he was a legitimate MVP candidate. I would say Josh but I’m fine with an outfield of Murphy, Byrd, Cruz and Jones at DH.

1. Yes, he is showing good stuff at AAA and he needs the shot to try his stuff at the top level. Also, he is not going to be the reason that we would NOT make the playoffs…let’s hope ranger_fan_rq is right and Feliz can make an impact like Price did last year for the Rays.

2. Yes and No. I was really hoping to get someone that could help give us a shot at the playoffs this year, BUT I’m even more happy that we didn’t get rid of the future for a hope for this year or next.

3. I’m not too surprised because of all of the things that have been stated already. I would have done the trade if we could have been guaranteed to resign him for another 6+ years. Then it would have been a good deal to me, but without that guarantee, it’s too risky. And Millwood has proved this year that you can pitch with Texas and be successful with a good ERA.

4. I would like to believe that the Wild Card is realistic, but I just don’t think that Boston or NY will fall back. They are the teams that don’t get effected by the injury bug as badly because of their depth and money. The AL West will have to do!

5. I think that Kinsler and Hamilton need to step it up some, but mostly we just need to get healthy. If our guys can get healthy then the pressure to hit homeruns every at-bat diminishes. I just don’t understand why all of our guys are continually getting hurt…

1. Feliz belongs at AAA as a starter getting ready for next year’s spring training. He is only just removed from AA. He’s too inconsistent for the bigs in a year when we must win the division. That said I hope he doesn’t let us down. I would rather have Grilli back or a releiver before the trading deadline.
2. Yes I am disappointed. The deal with Halliday was cracked. Ricardi will pay for his unreal demands with his job. I don’t suppose Washlburn could come to us in the same division…but I think Lee was a possibility. ..and I think they’re were some “parts” out there. Ryan and Daniel both say that once our list was out there everybody wanted Smoak, Biorbon, Holland and Feliz. I don’t know it’s hard to believe,
3. I’m not sure I’d want to play hereso I won’t second guess Halliday. First of all being bidg in Dallas is not like being big in Chicago, New York of LA. 2nd of all do we want to win.? I don’t know…and last but not least the Hicks situation…out of dough…might bode poorly for a winning team.
4. We can’t control the Angels….but tell me…does it really make a difference which one we’re playing for…either way we’re winners!
5. I’m hoping this break give Ian Kinsler a rest and he comes back and lights the team up…but the truth is guys the starting pitching is in control of wether we win or not.

1. The Rangers are doing the right thing.. However I would’ve rather seen him as a starter. I think he will be able to develop some more pitches that could make him a front of the line rotation guy.
2. I’m very disappointed. I would’ve loved to have another starter to help us out for this playoff push. Hopefully in the offseason we can get something wrapped up with Ben Sheets.
3. Yeah it sucks that he didn’t come on board with us. I think he really would’ve gelled with these guys. His loss though. We are going to be the team to beat in the next few years.
4. Winning the west. We still have a lot of games against the angels this year and we’ve owned them so far this season.
5.Hamilton. Without a doubt he needs to get back into what he was last year.

1) Yes
2) No, But why have we not heard anything else on Ben Sheets? Also Mark Mulder and Russ Ortiz are out there in the free agent market and either of those guys would be great to have in the long stretch with all the recent injuries to our staff and the injuries we will have the rest of the way.
3) Who cares….
4) We Will be in both hunts.
5) Padilla and Hamiliton and they will both be solid again soon.

1. I’m shocked! Shocked! to find that the Rangers have rushed a player to the Big Leagues. That is so unlike them.
2. Money must have mattered…they certainly could have done better for Cliff Lee and Jarrod Washburn
3. Good riddance
4. Always go for the division
5. Hmmmmm… Josh Hamilton you think?

1. I would prefer to see Feliz as a starter in Triple A. No need to rush him to the majors with the bullpen we already have. He has the ability to be the Roy Halladay of the future for the Rangers.,
2. I am more disappointed that they did not bring in an additional bat. I think the Toronto GM led the Rangers on about Halladay coming to Texas which prevented them from fully exploring all trade options.
3. He appears to be more worried about his stats than winning which is why he is still in Toronto.
4. They need to win the AL West. It will be difficult to overtake either Boston or New York in the wild card.
5. I think it is obvious that we need more from Josh Hamilton. Hopefully, he can regain his confidence down the stretch.

1. I don’t think it can hurt to bring him in as a reliever. Let’s see what he can do. I am glad they didn’t rush him as a starter.

2. I am dissappointed. I know our batting has been our weakness, but it has to get better. I am glad we didn’t trade our young prospects for comeback player’s like Washburn or give up too much for Lee or Halladay.

3. I really would have liked Halladay, but at that cost? I know prospects are not a sure thing, but Holland, Smoak, Borbon, and maybe Andrus? Yeah right. I’ll take my chances. Andrus is a stud fielder and is doing great at the plate. Borbon is our projected future CF. Smoak is dispensable if Chris Davis gets it together. We have seen what Holland can do. I agree with the other poster. It would have been a teixeira type deal.

4. Not really. With the Rangers history, you can’t blame him. But I really sense a difference in this team. They are for real. I thought we would go .500 last year (a little short). And I thought we would be 85-77 this year (ahead so far). I thought we would be legitimate contenders next year (90 wins plus). I want to win with this team.

5. No doubt. Hamilton.

Sorry. I forgot question #4. West Title. It’s too hard to compete with so many other teams. I can’t see the Angels playing .900 ball the rest of the way. When you think the Rangers are gonna fold, they keep winning, but the Angels don’t seem to lose! I hate them so much.

1. Probably not — if the Rangers didn’t feel they were in contention – then it might be the right move. But I’m afraid the expectations for Feliz might be a little too high – and patience will probably be in short supply when (not if) he struggles.

2. Nope – I don’t know how the guys in the clubhouse feel, as a fan – I’d rather see the team and players I’ve cheered for all season (and in the minors) be succesfull – it’s alot more satisfying for me that watching some rent-a-player who hasn’t been here for the long climb back to respectability.

3. Not surprised at all. The Ballpark has a poor reputation amongst pitchers – that’s why the Rangers need to develope their own pitchers. Don’t forget in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Fenway Park had the problem – the wags kept writing that free agent pitchers would never come to Boston since Fenway was considered hitters park. A homegrown guy named Clemmens did alot to change that notion – let’s hope the Rangers find and nuture a pitcher who’ll do the same for the Ballpark.

4.Neither – the Wild Card will come out of the AL East (barring some kind of major collapse by NYY or BOS). The Angels will win the West. Let’s be honest kids, most of us picked them to win before the season started and they are showing everyone why – they know how to win in spite of whatever obstacles the baseball gods set in front of them. This young Rangers team needs watch and learn from that example. That doesn’t mean this year hasn’t been a success (it has in my book) – I hope the Rangers play hard, and make it tough on Anaheim – and next year at this time – maybe TR will be asking – how can the Angels or Mariners catch up to the Rangers.

5. Ian Kinsler

1. There was nothing left for him to prove in AAA. And I might be getting ahead of myself saying that about a guy who is barely old enough to drink. The only thing the Rangers probably needed to see was his control and command, and that he could be consistent on a regular basis. Umm, yeah, you can check that one off I think.

2. Initially I was, but as I thought about it, I like that JD had the minerals stick with the long-term plan. Several of the big deals out there would have cost Texas some portion of their future and I don’t think the brass was ready to do that without giving that future a chance to manifest itself.

3. Roy Halladay let the diva in him get in his way. This year the Rangers’ pitchers are proving that while the Ballpark may not be the best place to pitch, it is still possible to win there. And that is no more evident this year when the Rangers offense has really been stinking up the joint.

4. If you’re a Rangers player, your mindset has to be chasing down the Angels, if for no other reason than to dethrone them from the West crown. But, in chasing down the best team (arguably) in baseball, the Rangers should be able to stay with the Beasts in the East and duke it out with them for the wildcard if they couldn’t catch the Angels

5. The obvious answers are Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler, but Hank Blalock is going to be crucial for the team down the stretch. His defense is atrocious. He looks like Frankenstein out there, but if he can be a little more selective at the plate and continue to come through in the clutch, he’s going to be huge.

1. May as well as long as he show the maturity to stay. How old is Felix Hernandez? He was 18 when Seattle brought him up.

2. I am not very disappointed at all. If anything they needed an offensive spark plug. I wonder how much the team’s financial picture came into play.

3. Thanks for telling us now, and nice to see you’re staying with a “perennial contender”.

4. I still think the AL West since there are so many games left with the Angels. Plus, I still believe there is no way the Angels can keep hitting 50 to 100 points over their heads. The wild card is pretty much a tub of wet concrete until late in the season and not enough games with those teams in the wildcard.

5. I hate to put the pressure on him, but Josh nees to be the guy. If he gets hot it changes how at least half of the lineup gets pitched.

1. Feliz should be in Frisco as a starter. We have a bullpen pitching pretty well (for the most part), and I really don’t understand what the rush is. Despite how good he looked in his first appearance, there is still plenty for him to prove in the minors.

2. I thought that the team might move Guardado or Byrd, but I really didn’t think there would be a major acquisition.

3. I look forward to the day when our team is a perennial winner, and pitchers actually want to come here.

4. West title.

5. Hank Blalock. You’re getting the chance to start at first and play full-time. Now stop doing your impersonation of the blindfolded kid at the pinata party, or the offers this winter will be quite disappointing.

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