Neftali Feliz headed for Arlington

The Rangers are ready to call up uber-pitching prospect Neftali Feliz. He could be added to the roster as early as Sunday night.

Feliz is 4-6 with a 3.49 ERA in 25 games, including 13 starts, for Triple A Oklahoma City. He has a 2.16 ERA in 12 relief appearances with 20 strikeuts, three walks and 10 hits allowed in 162/3 innings out of the bullpen.

The Rangers have been toying with the idea of calling him up since the All-Star break and now their bullpen is stretched a little thin with some of the short starts over the past week.



go Rangers.


I don’t bellieve it! We’re in the middle of a pennant race and the management saddles us with next year’s prospect. Mark my words the Rangers will be saying “We can’t do it this year” if they bring him up. It’s not fair to the fans who want a winner this year! The worst decision of the year!

THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL…I SAY HE DOESNT EVER SEE OKlahoma ever again unless they send him down to prepare to returning to a starter

too bad tey brought Frankie up instead eh Pierce?

Were in the Hell did that statement come from Fred ??? . Feliz up now , Bring this Fireballer up for the series against , Oakland , Lets See if hes ready , He could be ready and if he is could be a God send , to the Bull pen ????? He needs to be a member of the Wolf Pack NOW if hes ready . But we’ll never know till he comes up and given a chance .

Yep, throw Feliz in the deep water and see if his nadz are big enough to float him up. He’s absoluely in Best Hands here. I like the throwback attitude. Nothing like a MLB cup-o-mud to get the adrenaline going early. So much for prospect… Feliz just jumped a curb, not a wall with “the call.” Let ‘er fly hayseed, the farm is behind ya, for now. Bunk-up with Dutch, the new wiley veteran. Sit down, he’ll tell you some stories…
Welcome to the Majors, Kiddo!

fred how do you figure that this is a bad idea? does bringing him up cause us not to make the playoffs..he isnt going to have a big role..he will pitch middle relief and if he doesnt pitch well then he is sent back…feliz has a cannon..he will do well enough to help this team but i seriously doubt he will have any impact on our chances

any pitcher on the staff is going to have a big impact. it’s key to make or break to playoffs. trades aren’t dead yet, in august. the team needs to stabilize on the road.

Are you kidding me Fred? This is the worst decision of the year? Are you telling me that you would rather see I-let-every-baserunner-that-touches-a-bag-score-whether-he’s-inherited-or-not MADRIGAL in the bigs than Feliz? Glad you’re not the skipper.

Yes I think this is the worst decision that the Rangers have made this year,

First of all if you think Grilli is injured you’re living in a fools paradise. That’s who Feliz replaces …not Madrigal. I would not have brought Madrigal up, I like Hinkley lbetter because of his experience. Nolan Ryan says on a national interview that Feliz will be comin g up and presto Grilli is injured after throwing some beauttiful ball. I hate the subtrefuge.

Most of us agree that Holland should be back in AAA throwing every fifth day. He’s still raw. Oh I know you saw his last game and that gives you selective memory of how he labored before that and how raw he is. You see him starting now and you go “well he ;is pitching every fifth day” Yeeeesss but what you forget is that we’re in the middle of a pennant race and what we deserve and need was a frontline starter. But Tom Hicks is broke and no one evidentally wants to play in Texas so we didn’t get one. Also did the Rangers really try…or did they just say “Oh well we got Holland and we can still fill the seats with him.” I sure you all have your opinions and I have mine. I wanted to see a committment from the Rangers to a pennant race and I didn’t see one.

Now most of you are all hot and bothered about Feliz. Have you seen him in action? I thought not. You’re reading all the hype and you see the strikeout totals and you think he will duplicate that in the bigs. Feliz is barely a AAA pitcher and there is one heck of a difference between those two things. YOu recognize it yourself by saying he will only be used sparingly. The guy should be starting every fifth day in AAA (not releiveing in AAA) and not illl used in the bigs. This kid is going to get lit up like a Christmas tree, Or maybe better said he could. If we needed a reliever there were relievers available before the trading deadline who were experienced and would have aided our pennant drive and not have to have been babysat!

I’d like to win THIS YEar not next. As Ranger fans we deserve that….and for those of you who have given up on the season “Shame on you!”

I respectfully disagree, Fred. If this club, in it’s current financial state is going to have long term success, which, correct me if I’m wrong, is the goal, then they are going to have to break in new minor league talent every single year. They’re going to need a constant influx of it. Why is this, the first year of success, any different than the years that will follow? I don’t think Feliz would be here if they didn’t feel he could have an immediate positive impact. As far as Holland, everybody seems to want developed starting pitching, they just don’t seem to want to incur the difficulties that go with that development. What does Holland have left to prove in the minor leagues where his ERA was 2.63 and he was striking out 10 batters per 9 innings? Dominating minor leaguers can only teach you so much. To learn to get big league hitters out, you have to face them. Were the Angels “giving up on” 2005 when they called up their top pitching prospcet, Ervin Santana, and put him in their rotation? Is Boston “giving up on” on this season by using Clay Buchholz in their rotation right now?

With mutual respect Hefe I have 2 points.

You lose me in your first sentence. As a fan I don’t want the Rangers to make a player development decision in the middle of a pennant race. That’s exactly what I don’t want and exactly what they did. I want to win!

2nd I couldn’t agree with you more about Ervin Santana. From the school of did you know…one pitcher had 487 strikeouts in 480 innings and was brought up to be a starter…The other had 228 strikeouts in 214 innings and was brought up to languish on the bench and pitch in semi meaningless situations untill the team developed some trust in him. Do you see my point? 480 innings is enough development 214 is another case of rushing it. We didn’t need this kid now we needed Grilli.

I don’t have a problem with Feliz…In any other year where we were buried I’d say go for it…after all it’s given us Harrision, Feldman, Hunter and this year Holland…but I want to win.

What if we’re not buried in the next couple of years? Do you just let Neftali and Derek rot at AAA because calling up young pitchers means “giving up?” If Hunter hadn’t immediately gotten off to a hot start this season would giving him a chance to make it constitute another example of gving up? I’m just not buying that you can’t compete while developing your young pitching at the same time. Like, I’ve said, it’s going to be a necessity down the road.

On second thought, Fred, you’re right. This kid is clearly no match for big league hitters and has no business in this bullpen. The white flag has been raised.

Yeah I changed my mind too. That Feliz character is an amatuer chump. Completely overmatched. Go back to rookie ball where you belong youngster, we’re in a pennant race.

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