Halladay wouldn't come to Texas

The Rangers discussions with the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay came to a serious roadblock late Thursday night.

Halladay informed the parties involved that he would not accept a trade with the Rangers.

The two teams weren’t close to a deal. But they were talking seriously until Halladay put an end to it.

The Rangers did make a run at pitchers Jarrod Washburn and Cliff Lee too. General manager Jon Daniels said they were very aggressive right up until the trade deadline. Ultimately they couldn’t get anything done.

Said one source: “Everybody wanted to talk about Holland, Smoak, Feliz and Borbon.”



is there any news about Ben Sheets return?

After Halladay rebuffed the Rangers and thus the Fort Worth-Arlington-Dallas area, and thus the fans too, I am overjoyed we didn’t get a guy like Halladay, who didn’t want to be here. Nuts to him! I remember Texiera, also didn’t really want to be here either. Good riddance.

There were targets however. I was secretly wanting Jake Peavy. I think ultimately Robinson Tejeda will be a good Major League pitcher. I was convinced after he 2-hit the Red Sox last year in our Ballpark. With Mike Maddux, I feel he would have flourished.

My choice, and it wouldn’t cost us prospects, would be Kenny Rogers. He would be an innings-eater, and he is proven as a crafty lefty to have had alot of success in our Ballpark. If he can sense he might get a whiff of post-season play, I feel he might return to the rubber in Arlington.

What does anyone think of Kenny? (The one aspect I don’t know, is if he is in shape to pitch….otherwise, if he is, I’d sign him immediately.)

Sully~ The more I think & absorb young Hollands pitching gem last night , the more I am convinced the game is as BIG as the one pitched by David Clyde, moons ago. The impact will be felt for many many years. The Club direction & mindset was changed (mine too)… also solidified in our future intact, with intent. Correct Mr. Branch Rickey?

I think Holland’s performance and continued work of Hunter gives the Rangers clubhouse some confidence that they are headed in the right direction

Long time, no read, Bingo. Glad to see you’re still with us here on the premier MLB blog. I wouldn’t count on Kenny because I’m pretty sure he’s moved on with life but if any retired pitcher came riding out of the sunset to lead us to vicotry, why not that salty lefty. Did you see your boy, Furguson on the broadcast a couple of nights ago? I’ve got to think you’re on board with what Mike Maddux has done with this staff. Don’t be stranger.

That’s great. He didn’t want to come here and the fans didn’t really want him here anyways.

*conflicting news__did halladay really step in and nix progress, by not lifting his nt-clause or not? what’s the next step for health weary arms in texas. are we going to look like a bicycle tube with patches the rest of the season? any arms moving up? after aug 31, are any trades added not available for post season play or sooner? please explain the 40 man roster, when it comes down to post season available play and waiver moves. thanx, mr. sullivan

The Rangers staff has done a remarkable job holding together–i never thought they could or would get it done.
It is a shame that when you are in a pennant hunt management has been unable to obtain pitching help?!
Other teams were able to find a way to try and “get over the top”. Am not convinced of the effort put out to obtain help.
Injuries seem to be coming more freq. for staff and I just hope that Kinsler and Hamilton can produce, that a few of the pitchrs can hold up and hope for the best.

From what I have read, I think the lines of communications got crossed and Ricciardi chickened out. I think Halladay would have come to TX, but Ricciardi didn’t like the deals he was getting so he threw Halladay under the bus. He’ll (JP) be gone at the end of the season, and the Rangers will be playing in October. Revenge is sweet sometimes.

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