Ryan confirms Blue Jays-Rangers trade talks about Halladay

Rangers president Nolan Ryan confirmed that the club is talking to the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay.

“We’ve had discussions with them yes,” Ryan said. “Nothing has been done. It’s been going on for awhile and there have been names talked about. There hasn’t been a deal struck and it’s still premature to make a prediction whether it will happen.”


JD please do not trade away our young stars. Will one pitcher take us to the play off? I dont think so.

Don’t trade away our capabilities of competing for the next decade for one guy just shy of being old by MLB standards……..seriously!! Daniels!!!! Don’t be stupid!!! Not again!!! Not this time!!!

Halladay could easily push this team into the playoffs. Could they compete, once they got there with teams like Boston? That’s another matter. If Feliz is the centerpiece and we don’t have to part with Smoak/Holland/Martinez/Andrus I might be on board. I wonder if the BJays would take Feliz and one each of Kiker/Beavan, Teagarden/Pina/Borbon, Poveda/Moscoso, Pimentel/Boscan/Font? If they took Feliz, Kiker, Teagarden, Moscoso and Boscan that would leave us with a still very stacked farm system and a 1.3 seasons of the best pitcher this team will have had since Nolan Ryan, who as it turns out will probably have to sign off on any deal that goes down. As much as I’d love to get a true ace pitcher in here, I’m cool with staying the course and letting these farm kids develop.

I hope the Rangers aren’t foolish enough to trade away prize prospects, some of whom are already producing at the big time level, for a starting pitcher who can’t make that much difference by himself. A DMN writer this morning talked about the importance of adding “excitement” and “swagger” like the Cowboys had when they brought in TO. Yeah, like that worked out real well didn’t it. (As did the “excitement” when the Rangers spent all that money on A-Rod. Baseball is a team game and you need many pieces to win. Don’t give up a number of valuable pieces for one temporarily shiny piece who would appear in about 12 games the rest of this season.

if we can get doc with out giving up dutch or feliz i say go for it next years rotation milwood/sheet/doc/dutch/hunter can you say world champions

this is possibly the best move a team could make you get the best pitcher in baseball for the rest of this year and all of next year and i wouldnt worry about the prospects we’re winning right now and that matters

Thiw one will be interesting. There are tons of motivating factors on both sides of the table here.

Halladay and more winning will mean more butts in the seats. Attractive to Hicks on two fronts, immediate cashflow help and it ups the value of the franchise at a most opportune time

Folks in Toronto already want their GM’s head for not moving Halladay to Philly and a lot of the pundits really think Riccardi needs to move Halladay to keep his job.

The Rangers really do need another starter and the Rangers are the only team really left that has the trade chips.

JD said at the start of the year that the club’s outlook really was for 2010, not necessarily this year. So from that standpoint, the team is ahead of plan.

So that said, where does this one go. Rangers need to stand firm on Holland and Smoak and wait for the Jays to blink. Halladay has more benefit this year in the playoffs than the stretch run and as the old saying goes “you best dance with the one that brung ya” so standing pat is by no means a disgrace with the team still in the thick of it and the offense might be coming around at the right time. Besides, any deal for Halladay should require Toronto to take Padilla so the salary issue becomes moot.

Staying the course is my vote. The quality guys we have now will still be here come winter if we really think we need Halladay then, let them talk. Besides, if Halladay is just going to go Tex on us anyway, why ship talent off for a guy who really has no intent to even consider staying here anyway?

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