Padilla scratched…Dustin Nippert starting

Vicente Padilla has been scratched from Wednesday’s start against the Red Sox because of flu-like symptoms. Dustin Nippert will start in his place.

Padilla is the fourth member of the Rangers to get zapped this week. Frank Francisco is on the disabled list with pneumonia. Omar Vizquel was scratched from Tuesday’s lineup. Eddie Guardado has been unavailable because of a head cold.

Nippert earned his first victory with two scoreless innings in relief in a 5-3 victory in 12 innings over the Twins on Sunday. He has a 7.36 ERA in two starts for the Rangers this year and is 3-5 with a 6.75 ERA in 13 career starts. He is 0-1 with an 11.05 ERA in three relief appearances against the Red Sox in his career.

 Guardado could end up on the disabled list if the Rangers decide they need an extra player.


Here’s hoping Harrison’s rehab goes well tonight.

so CJ is tired, Eddie and Frankie are sick, Holland isn’t in the pen….we get a staff of Nippert, Grilli, Jennings, O’day, Eyre and Mathis tonight? Nippert better last more than 3 2/3 or our bullpen is in trouble.

U can count O’Day out also. Grilli will probably be the Closer. Maybe SW Air can fly in Feliz quickly? If not, why not?? This is an important game. Beaven is in the neiborhood, for a spot look. Pen is wasted and we have Nippert starting? Ohboy, uhggg.

Honestly, I’m going to the game tonight, and I will need a TON of beer to get through this beating we are about to take. We need the offense to crush the ball tonight to have any chance. If a Boston player hits a HR to the first row in left center and I get it, watch for me to peg him as he rounds 2B!

Loved the game. So glad to see so many unhappy sox fans.
I’m still on the bandwagon but looks like we have some people wanting to jump off. This team is for real and we do not need hallady and his salary. We have come too far to throw some of our best guys away on a guy that will pitch every 5 days. Stay the course. Ask san francisco if they still want Zitto? Remember chan no no? A-rod? I’ll bet Nolan is not in favor of buying a pitcher. Train the ones we have.

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