Rangers ready to cut ties with El Duque

The Rangers have told Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez that he is not going to be called up to the big leagues by Monday. Hernandez has an out on that day, meaning he can take his free agency. He is expected to do so.

Hernandez has a 2.45 ERA in eight relief appearances with the RedHawks but has not shown enough velocity or command to lead the Rangers to believe he is ready to pitch at the Major League level.



I hope this means they have a Plan B in the form of trade acquisition. Not that it has to be Halladay.

This means Feliz is next in line for promotion for a bullpen spot. I wonder what Hernandez’ velocity was like becuase his numbers were outstanding.

the truth about what happened was, the rangers wrote a report on him saying that he was “wild”, he walked into the front office and requested to be reliesed, he was gonna get called up monday or wensday, after they asked him to please stay, that it was a misunderstanding, he left anyways, he didnt think it was right for them to right that, it wasnt funny, thats what he said, his stuff is nasty, i caught a bullpen for him in miami the day before he left to oklahoma, the reason why i know this is because thursday night, i was in the car when he called a good friend to give the news….

how does he not have control, are you serious look at his era and k’s , they were trying to be funny by writing that for no reason, and the 4 time WS champ wasnt having it, now the scout who wrote it is also a “free agent”, lol.

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