Holland back in rotation

Derek Holland is going back into the rotation.

Holland is pitching on Sunday against the Twins. He will follow Vicente Padilla and Scott Feldman. Kevin Millwood pitches Monday and Tommy Hunter pitches Tuesday.

The Rangers still want Holland in the bullpen right now but have no choice but to start him. He’ll get three starts and that will take the Rangers back to the Trade Deadline. By then they will know if they know if they can trade for a starter or if they can expect Matt Harrison back soon.



Just one thought: If any more of the previously good pitching links falters, wouldn’t Kenny Rogers look good in some key starts for the Rangers? He’d be a veteran lefty, who is unemployed I believe, and he’d likely come to his previous home, especially if he sniffed a pennant race.
I think that would be a cheap, no-brainer. Now, if we are able to pull off an Eric Gagne-like steal from Toronto, then by all means, do the trade.

But, I see no reason why Kenny Rogers wouldn’t be a good signing. I actually was internally campaigning for the Rangers to entertain signing Pedro Martinez, but the Phillies out-flanked everyone. With the proper incentives, I think Kenny Rogers would look good for a pennant drive.

Just throwing that out as grist for the mill. What do you all think? I hope if JD ever reads these blogs, that he might consider doing what I tell him.

I told him he erred grievously in trading Alfonso Soriano for chump change like Brad Wilkerson….and, I told him that Jason Botts was not even the poor man’s Chris Davis, so gladly, Botts was dumped. Now, JD, I beseech you, to sign Kenny Rogers.


“A friend”

–who keeps track of all the stars you’ve traded away. (I do give you credit for the Eric Gagne and Mark Texiera deals!) Now, it’s your turn to redeem yourself for losing Adrian Gonzales. Trade for Roy Halliday. Don’t trade Feliz or Holland. Don’t trade Justin Smoak. Max Ramirez is expendable, with a glut of catchers. Not sure Warner Madrigal is ever going to shine as a Major Leaguer, so you have my permission to trade him. Also, I’d hire Ferguson Jenkins to help our pitchers handle adversity in the game. Mike Maddux and/or Nolan Ryan have their tempo better this year, and pitching longer into games, but Fergie could teach the mental aspects of how NOT to walk players, and not worry about baserunners–only the batters can hurt you. Bend, but don’t break. Oh well JD, don’t repeat yourself on the Chris Young/Adrian Gonzales trade if you trade for Roy Halliday. Think Texiera and Gagne.

bingosinatra i dont understand u at all u want halladay but u dont wanna get rid of any of are star talent thats how it is u want a star major league pitcher u gotta get rid of top talent like a feliz holland or smoak not all 3 but u understand me u cant give the blue jays just some young guys u gotta give them some talent but i think if chris davis can get his stuff together which i think he can we can part ways with smoak even though that would suck an another minor league star pitcher

truerangersfan, let me put it this way: Kenny Rogers would be a lot cheaper, and a lefty we’d need, so I’d go after him first, get that done, then turn attention to Halladay. I wouldn’t give away the farm; I’d listen politely, and when they mentioned Smoak or Feliz, I’d just move on. Getting Halladay isn’t in the cards I’m afraid–too much and I’m not sure that Liverpool Tom will have the deep pockets to sign him to a long-term deal. Just renting him would be the height of stupidity–but I’m not putting that past JD. Brad Wilkerson for Alfonso Soriano–unthinkable!

Go get Kenny, an experienced lefty who could eat up innings and, I think, be effective in Arlington, as he usually was. I’d worry about Halladay not too much.

That’s the plan truerangersfan–get Kenny, and do NOT give away the farm. If you can snooker away Halladay for a handful of magic beads, then JD can chant “Fee-Fie-Foe-Fum–I Smell the Blood of a Canadian.”

End of story.

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