Hamilton activated on Monday for Davis

The Rangers activated Josh Hamilton off the disabled list on Monday and sent Chris Davis to Triple A Oklahoma City.

* Hamilton was in the lineup on Monday in center field. Manager Ron Washington gave him the option of being the designated hitter but Hamilton said he wanted to play the field right away.

* Hank Blalock was in the lineup at first base. He’ll get the majority of the playing time there with Davis gone.

* Washington said David Murphy could get action at first base. He was drafted as a first baseman. Andruw Jones could also play first. But mostly it’s Blalock.

* Washington said he’ll rotate all his outfielders through the DH spot. That includes Hamilton.

* Hamilton will also play some in left and right field to reduce his workload.



That was without a doubt the worst decision I have ever seen regarding a player. Ian Kinsler has absolutely NO BUSINESS in the All Star game, much less staying with the main team. 0 for 25 speaks volumes in my opinion. At least with Davis, you get better defensive play. I watched Kinsler bobble too much in their lucky sweep of Tampa Bay. I don’t care if he did get a homer tonight against the Angels, He is not producing and it is obvious. Poor management decision in my opinion. At least Davis had the heart the team needed to pull out of his slump and start producing. Kinsler? Give me a break!!

If Davis had the heart to pull out of his slump then why is he still hitting .202 in July? When exactly did he pull out of it? Ian: .253/.331/.500 37/46 BB/K and 16 SB. Davis: .202/.256/.415 17/114 BB/K and 0 SB. How many of Kinsler’s “bobbles” led to runs? Davis has been killing rallies all season. I’ll readily admit that Ian needs to turn it around offensively, but at least he produced for the first 2 months of the season. You can’t say the same for Davis, who’s been horrible the entire way.

It was a bad decision to send Davis down, only because it came one month too late. While the club struggles with it’s identity and trying to fight it out as a team, Mr. Kinsler continues on his personal game change, as a power hitter. He’s selfish and not being the player he was or that the team needs him to be. With all the great metamorphosis the team has gone through, Kinsler is my most disappointing Ranger change. He’s gone from a top AL All Star, to someone I can not even think of voting into the July Celebration. He’s becoming very average, at best.

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