Hamilton's back, Davis to AAA

The Rangers called outfielder Josh Hamilton to the Major Leagues and sent struggling first baseman Chris Davis to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

This move comes as a surprise because the Rangers and manager Ron Washington valued Davis’ defense at first base, and it leaves the Rangers with six outfielders.

Davis went 1-for-4 with a single and a strikeout Sunday against the Rays. He was hitting .202 with 15 home runs and 33 RBIs at the time of his demotion.

Hamilton returns to the Rangers after going 4-for-27 (.148) in six Minor League medical rehabilitation games.


Finally Davis has been sent down to Triple A now we need to call up Justin Smoak to become our everyday 1st baseman at least until the all-star break.

good move…finally Davis can work on his timing.
Blalock can play more so we can showcase him right now and trade him later this month while he’s hot and get a #3 pitcher.
DH Hamilton and Murphy. Then cut/trade Jones and Guardado and call up Smoak and Hernandez…
But how is Davis is going to AAA? Smoak just got promoted to AAA this week…interesting…maybe they rotate them at 1B and DH.

so we now have Murphy, Byrd, Cruz, Borbon, Hamilton and Jones in the outfield and Blalock or Jones at 1st base. Hope that works out, hope we don’t lose too much on defense going into a crucial road trip.

Jones and Blalock are TERRIBLE at first. Dumb move. Gotta have patience sometimes. There are enough “good” hitters in this lineup that you SHOULD be able to bury Davis at 7 or 8, and not miss a beat.

I think they should let Justin stay in AAA for a month. This will allow them to see how he does against another level of pitching. Even though Davis is not working out, you still do not want to rush Smoak (remember David Clyde). Plus, now is not the time to trade Blalock. He is finally coming in to his own. After putting up with years of injury and disappointment on the part of Blalock, he is finally becoming the force that Texas will need at DH. Keep the HAMMER!!!

I don’t see what Hammer is doing that is so great. I think we lose a lot at defense, more than we gain on offense. Hank is only batting 45 points higher than Chris. And did anyone notice Hank struck out 3 times Sunday night?

That being said, Chris did need to go and get his confidence up. Just not sure we needed to do it right before the Angels series.

Has anyone thought of moving Hamilton to 1B for a while?

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