Rangers rumored to have signed Luis Sardinas

Baseball America reports the Rangers have signed Luis Sardinas, a 16-year-old shortstop from Venezuela.

Financial terms are unknown but Baseball America reports the signing bonus was in excess of $1 million. Sardinas was rated as having excellent defensive capabilities.

Baseball America ranked Sardinas as the No. 6 available prospect available among international players.

It is also rumored the Rangers have also signed Jurickson Profar, a shortstop from Curacao. He was rated No. 15 by Baseball America.

General manager Jon Daniels said the team had agreed to terms with 5 or 6 prospects but that the club wouldn’t release their names until they passed a physical. He said that physicals should begin sometime this week.


I know they sign the best athletes available but how many shortstops do u need?…Andrus will be here for years!

When your drafting young kids you will primarily draft shortstops, centerfielders, pitchers and catchers. At that age that is where the best players will play. Of course as you move up to higher levels everyone was the high school star shortstop or centerfielder. If you can play shortstop good chances are you can play any other infield position as well later on if asked to.

TR – How did you comment on the game being won in the 10th last week by Blalock? It was the 9th. If you need long-term medical care, my sisters are nurses. We can help you. But, please quit writing if you don’t know the facts.

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