Rangers offense by the numbers

Interpret anyway you want:

Among American League teams, the Rangers offense is:

hamilton32.jpg* Last in percentage of pitches taken.

* Have the highest percentage of swings and misses.

* Have the highest percentage of swinging at the first pitch.

* Second lowest percentage of walks per plate appearances. Only the Mariners are worse.

* They have the third highest slugging percentage but the fourth lowest on-base percentage of any team in the league.

* They are last in strikeouts per at-bat.

* They are hitting .249 against left-handed pitchers, third lowest in the league.

For the month of June:

They are last in the American League in batting average (.218), on-base percentage (.277) and slugging percentage (.363).

* Also runs scored. They have scored 60. The Rays lead with 107.

* Their .218 batting average for June would be the the lowest by an American League in this decade and the lowest since the Mariners hit .216 for June in 1988. The Rangers hit .310 for the month of June in 1996 when they won their first division title.

* Their .277 on-base percentage would be the lowest by an American League team since 1981.


The offense has been beyond awful in June and Hamilton hasn’t played in June. No coincidence there.

How is it possible that C. Davis is still in the majors?

Why do most people i listen to on the radio believe Murphy is a platoon guy? He sees more pitches per at bat than probably most of his teammates.

Would it be possible to send Ron Washington down to the minors to learn how to manage. I promise you he is getting schooled in @ least every other series!!!

This is frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, the solution to this embarrassment is “if a man is on base, don’t try to be Josh Hamilton and hit a homer, just get a hit!!!” Can I possibly e-mail Cruz after tonight’s nonsense that he pulled 3 times with 2 outs and men on? This has to stop!

If the pitching stays the way it is, we’ll be in the race in Sept. This offense will come around especially when Hamilton gets back. Hopefully CD can build on the 4 for 5 last night.

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