Young moved to third spot

Ron Washington is putting Michael Young in the third spot and wants to keep him there until Josh Hamilton gets back in the lineup.

Young was batting third on Friday night against left-hander Randy Johnson and the San Francisco Giants. Elvis Andrus was batting second.

On Saturday, Washington is planning to use David Murphy in the No. 2 spot in the lineup against right-hander Matt Cain.

“I don’t know if this is a shakeup,” Washington said. “The only thing is Elvis is second and we’re moving Michael down. Now that we’re really beginning to feel Hamilton’s injury, Mike is swinging the bat well so hopefully we can take advantage of that with runners in scoring position. Maybe this will give Michael a chance to produce some runs.”

Hamilton is sidelined after undergoing surgery to repair a partially torn abdominal muscle and is expected to be out until the All-Star break at least. He did start swinging a bat off the tee on Saturday.

Hamilton was placed on the disabled list retroactive to June 1 and the Rangers are hitting .237 as a team for the month with a .287 on-base percentage and a .379 slugging percentage.

“We’re definitely beginning to feel his loss,” Washington said. “When he’s in that lineup, he makes everybody better. I want him back.”

Young is hitting .357 in 16 games in the No. 3 spot. Hank Blalock, who has been there for nine games, is hitting .206 and Andruw Jones is 3-for-27 in that spot. Blalock’s slugging percentage in the No. 3 spot is .324. It’s .624 as a cleanup hitter.



About time… the idea of Hank Blalock hitting in the third slot is just ludicrous, yet Washington seems to think it’s a great idea. Neither he nor Andruw Jones have any business hitting there.

TR……Cruz had a great lesson on hitting last year, being sent down…… why not Davis doing same now? He’s being hung out to dry and it’s effecting the whole teams offense. Am I being too hard in my opinion?

Michael Young has not been remotely as effective in the 3rd position as in the 2nd, not only this season, but over the course of his career. (To me, it seems like he presses to drive in runs, when he is dropped, instead of just being Michael Young.) Since Elvis seems to be the only Ranger with a clue right now, why not move him to lead off, keep Michael 2nd, and move Ian to the 3rd spot. Ian is going to hit for more power than Michael and seems intent right now on swinging for the fences. The other option is just to move Murphy, who has as much pop as Kinsler up to the third spot and break up the string of right handers. (I do agree that batting Blalock anywhere before 5th is ridiculous.)

One way or another, these guys have got to stop swinging for the fences every at bat and start putting together some quality plate appearances. We’re making pitchers lives way too easy right now.

h-diz….. have you not read the countless times addressed by Wash and Kins, about lineups and spots hitting with each player, or are you just not satified with their 100 answers?

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