Rangers sign Orlando Hernandez

The Rangers have signed veteran pitcher Orlando Hernandez, 39, to a Minor League contract. He will be assigned to Triple A Oklahoma.

Hernandez hasn’t pitched in the Major Leagues since 2007 when he was 9-5 with a 3.72 ERA in 27 games, 24 starts, with the Mets. He was in the Mets system in 2008.

The former Cuban refugee has a career 90-65 with a 4.13 ERA in 219 games, including 211 starts.



Now THAT’s beating the bushes. On the bright side the last time he was in the major leagues he was still highly effective and it’s a recurrent foot problem, not elbow or shoulder that’s kept him out of action. I’d rather see him getting big league innings in a month or two than Kris Benson.

I’m sure he will be good for your team :)

I guess Oil Can Boyd is next week. He keeps saying he can pitch, he just needs someone to look at him for 20 minutes.

A RH Tom Glavine, with a Bad Bunion (history?) Mid 80’s still?

Hey hefe, how is this for current. 4-0, 0.76 ERA. You guessed it Nick Massett, current Cincinnati Red and former Texas Ranger. Just how many former Ranger pitchers do the Reds have? Cordero, Harang, Massett, and Volquez. Are they the leaders.? Alas they have other competition, Davis, Demptster, Gallaraga, Young, Duchsherer, and Danks. I personally would rather see Glavine than Hernandez and that 39 year old age is well up for debate. Word on the street is that he may in fact be around 44 years old. Nippert is just about ready so going for Hernandez is ridiculous. I should change my MANTRA to you can never have enough YOUNG pitching. I love the fact that the team is doing well, but lets not go crazy and trade ANY of our young pitching prospects for a title this year. Hopefully Daniels has learned. Danks, Volquez and Gallaraga are going to hurt for awhile…..

Quoth Hefe 12/24/06: “I don’t like the fact that Masset was involved because I feel that he has the potential to be a late inning pitcher in the near future.”

Congratulations on moving into the current season. It only took you 2 and a half months. As far as hurting, yeah Volquez’ back is hurting and Galarraga’s pitching is hurting the Tigers win%.

Oh, yes, the great Dustin Nippert. Let’s not forget him. I’m sure he’ll be added to your list of “come back to haunt us” players right next to Kason Gabbard.

My favorite part of your list continues to be your ignorance or just plain refusal to admit that free agency exists. Franciso Cordero has since filed for free agency after leaving the Rangers. We won that trade with Milwaukee. They have 2 draft picks. We got 2 draft picks + Nelson Cruz. In the mind of any reasonable person that’s a win. But not you. Why is that?

Doug Davis has filed for free agency TWICE since playing with Texas.

And by far my favorite is Dempster. This guy has made $26 million, been released by (you guessed it) the Reds and filed for free agency, while putting up a below league average ERA and a 76-81 record. He’s now currently under a new 4 year $52 million free agent deal through age 36. Considering that we got back Rick Helling in exchange for him, what lesson is Jon Daniels supposed to learn from Ryan Dempster? Be specific. Come with a strong take to back up your rant for a change……….or just whine some more.

While you’re bringing those strong takes backing up your opinions, let us know what harm signing Hernendez is causing. Again, be specific. Also, let me know why any GM in their right mind would consider getting Nippert back soon as a sign to stop trying to improve the team. I’ll be waiting with the proverbial baited breath for you to drop your pearls of wisdom.

Fact. The Rangers have some pretty good arms on the staff right now. D’god, if you’ll stop livin’ in the past, you might actually come to enjoy Rangers baseball 2009 and beyond.

I hope they paper the walls with the names of thedead
from his war. He should never be allowed to forget.

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