Draft Day, Kinsler, Hamilton

Ian Kinsler continues to lead the voting at second base for the American League starting lineup for next month’s All-Star Game.

Kinsler has 1,173,494 votes while Dustin Pedroia has 923,416 in the balloting at second base according to the latest voting update released Wednesday. Josh Hamilton is still second among outfielders by a comfortable margin. He, of course, is not going to the All-STar Game.

By the way, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is second among catchers although has no chance of catching Joe Mauer. Michael Young is third at third base. He has slipped behind Alex Rodriguez.

The Rangers have the 14th overall pick in the draft tonight. Here is what we know:

* Nolan Ryan said he expects it to be a pitcher. He said the Rangers are down to about “four names.”

* Shelby Miller and Matt Purke, the two Texas high school pitchers, are among those names.

* Jon Daniels said the Rangers will take the best player available.

* Jonathan Mayo, the MLB.Com draft expert, says it will be Miller. It’s a good bet the Rangers will take Miller if he’s available. Couple independent league pitchers to watch: Aaron Crow and Tanner Scheppers.



I wouldn’t expect Crow to fall that far, but it would make my day if he did. Mid 90’s heat and a power slider. He could come through the minors very quickly.

I’d be happy with any of the above, but Crow I’ve seen personally. He’s all that & then some. He’d move up fast. Miller I’ve seen. Raw and young. I wish I could say HS players are worth a high pick, but their bodies are immature and can grow out of what’s drafted in form. It’s a coin flip. Heads not there yet either. I can’t get excited with a HS Player, but there are exceptions, Miller & Purke could be the exceptions of rule.

I would like to see Crow or Sheppers. They are like picking in the top 5 if you land one of them. Keep filling the minors with young arms! You can never have too many.

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