McCarthy going on the disabled list

Rangers pitcher Brandon McCarthy is going on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his right shoulder blade. He will be out at least several weeks. Doug Mathis is expected to start on Tuesday for the Rangers. This is a similar injury to what McCarthy had two years ago. He missed almost a month because of that injury.


Either make him put some meat on those bones or ship him off, hes always hurt. I personally think its because he’s 6’7 and weighs a buck 50.

Does anybody know how much time us left on McCarthy’s contract? The sooner the Rangers don’t have to count on this guy the better off they will be. Minus the one start when he threw the complete game, McCarthy has been the least reliable starter. They need to just cut ties with this guy he is never going to contribute without the risk of injury. Now at least Holland gets to stay in the rotation. If Holland can continue to progress & learn then he will improve & gain the confidence of his manager & teammates. This could mean that we could have finally seen the last of Brandon McCarthy as a starter, as long as the other starters stay healthy.

Jan 15, 2009: Re-signed by the Texas Rangers to a one-year contract.

FYI, this makes Millwood the only Person who broke camp as a starter who has not yet ended up on the DL. Padilla, Benson, Harrison & McCarthy all have served one stint onthe 15 day DL, with McCarthy’s obviously going to be longer. Who would have thought with the history that Millwood would be the work horse? Let’s hope Scooter holds up like last year & the Holland can hold up like Scooter did last year.

Yeah! McCarthy is too skinny. He is just a tall skinny runt. He looks just like Randy Johnson.

The Rangers need to keep him and hide him somewhere until he is healthy. If he is healthy he might be a good pitcher. Every team needs pitching.

Let’s put this guy in the bullpen when he returns. He’s not suited for starting pitching. Look at Kerry Wood’s career and how long it took him to figure out what works for him. He could never stay healthy. He would be great for long relief.


Sigh…On the other hand, looks like Michael Young gets his wish! Holland to stay in the rotation? How far along is Neftali Feliz?

The Rangers have McCarthy under control for 2 more seasons after this one. At age 25, he’s too talented to just give up on, but a move to the bullpen might be in order. He added 20 lbs. or so on the off season. Maybe another 20 would help. This is very frustrating considering the awesome month of May he was just coming off of.

He is too talented to give up on without first giving him a shot at the bullpen. If Holland holds his own as a starter, I think they should plug McCarthy into the bullpen and see what happens. I’m not an expert in medical stuff, but it doesn’t make sense to me how putting on more weight would help him eliminate the stress fractures. This is the second one he has had isn’t it? Sounds like the kid just has brittle bones! Maybe short stints out of the bullpen is what his future is in long or middle relief. It is a shame because he really looked like he was finally developing into something. I wonder if the White Sox knew that when the fleeced us. Oh well, fool me once……..JD, don’t please don’t let that happen again. Of course, the Braves fans are saying the same thing when they watch Kotchman and see our box scores with Harrison, Andrus, and Salty. By the way, does anyone worry about Taylor Teagarden riding the bench all year. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be good for him to me. Salty has earned all the playing time with his solid play. I’m not so sure I want to see him traded any time soon. Or maybe that’s the plan and he is being showcased. So, in the spirit of the question Ginger or Mary Ann? Salty or Teagarden? Hmmmm?

maybe the cure for the brittle bones is to drink lots of milk! i heard that’s good for strong bones

bummer…the injury bug bites again

Francisco was reported to be a “game time decision”, so what’s his status?

It’s got to be related to his mechanics. Doesn’t it? Makes me wonder if they’ve got him pinching his shoulders to gain a little pop. That puts stress on shoulder blades.

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