Smoak, Ramirez going on the disabled list

The Rangers are planning to place two top prospects in their Minor League system on the disabled list.

Frisco first baseman Justin Smoak is going on the 7-Day disabled list with a strained left oblique muscle in his ribcage and Oklahoma City catcher Max Ramirez is sidelined with a sore right wrist. Neither injury is considered serious but both are unable to play right.

Ramirez is hitting .238 with two home runs and 21 RBI in 37 games and 143 at-bats. Smoak is hitting .325 with six home runs and 25 RBI in 41 games and 151 at-bats. He has a .444 on-base percentage and a .503 slugging percentage.


I didn’t know this and I haven’t verified it, but I heard on ESPN that the Rangers are only 5-10 vs. teams with records above .500. The upcoming 13 game stretch against the Yanks, Boston, Toronto, and the Dodgers may tell us a little more about what we are seeing. I’m loving what I see, but there is still work to be done. Especially with the very impatient and non-selective Josh Hamilton. I’m sure Jaramillo is on it. I love last night’s game. When is the last time we saw a pitcher go 6 while only allowing 1 one and said he was a little off? It wasn’t so long ago when a Ranger pitcher getting through six innings was like a complete game to us. Rock on Rangers!

Good thing they are taking the safe approach with Smoak and Max. They need their AB’s but no need to push.

Agreed on the record against better teams isn’t as strong as it could be but:

The Yankees came in here hot and the way the rotation cycle fell probably did help some, I mean Harrison and Holland had o try and hold them down. Jeez, Harrison is the oldest and he’s not even 24 yet.

The team caught Toronto when they were hot early and there seems to just be some goofy mental block with Detroit.

However, when they played Seattle and the Angels on the road both teams had better records at the time than the Rangers did and one was the consensus pick to win the west.

Anyhow, this trip will be a good test Come through it at about .500 for the trip and all will be fine.

Get the brooms out today and go look for revenge in the new launching pad next week!

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