Holland pushed back in rotation

The Rangers are pushing rookie left-hander Derek Holland back in the rotation.

Holland’s turn is supposed to be on Tuesday against the Yankees. Instead Vicente Padilla will fill that spot when he comes off the disabled list. Holland is not expected to return to the rotation until next Saturday against the Red Sox in Boston.

Instead Padilla will be followed by Scott Feldman and Brandon McCarthy against the Yankees. Both will be pitching on four days rest. So too will Kevin Millwood when he pitches against the Red Sox on Friday at Fenway Park.

“We’re just keeping the other guys in turn,” manager Ron Washington said. “This gives us a chance to use Derek in the bullpen for a couple of days.”

Holland, who has made two starts since joining the rotation, last pitched on Wednesday in a 9-2 loss to the Yankees.

Also: C.J. Wilson is the first Rangers pitcher in history to earn both a win and a save in a doubleheader. Wilson did so on Friday night in the sweep of the Athletics. Wilson had two saves in a doubleheader against the Orioles last year.



“We’re just keeping the other guys in turn,” manager Ron Washington said. “This gives us a chance to use Derek in the bullpen for a couple of days.” Yeah that, and the Yankees knocked Holland’s head off on Wednesday. A real no-brainer decision.

Yes, I know that everybody says “the yankees are the best baseball team money can buy”….well, let’s see them try on Padilla instead of the kid this time…..we’ll see where the yankee arrogance is going when a pitcher throws over the inside of the plate………just a thought

This will give Vincente a chance to pluck a couple of yankees…….can’t hurt……..

awesome, so all 6 of our pitchers end up with a shot at the Yankees. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of rest the guys will be getting, seems like they need more rest to prevent further injuries

Drew, it is what it is… a brawl. You get bruises & cuts. Rangers are no wimps of past. It only gets tougher from here on in. June brings out character, guts & nadz. June starts 2nd third of season. It’s going to be HOT. Rangers have positioned themselves perfectly. Throw away the gloves. It’s knuckles from here. Game on

Man, I wish I has something to really add to this one but everyone seemed to nail it, Hubz especially.

Turn Vinny loose…

I am not so concerned with the amount of rest they are going to get during the road trip. This is where the benefit of all those innings logged in April and May building strength will show up. Plus RW made a good move last night pulling BMac when there was no reason for him to keep going.

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