Free Tickets in reward for enduring delay

The Rangers are offering free tickets to those who attended Tuesday night’s game against the Yankees in appreciation for having to put up with a rain delay.

Tickets from Tuesday’s game can be exchanged for a ticket of equal or lesser value for any Monday-Thursday non-premier game remaining on the 2009 schedule. Fans must have their ticket stubs from Tuesday’s game to exchange the ticket at the Ballpark in Arlington ticket window.

The rain delay was two hours and 24 minutes after the game was supposed to start.



Okay….as hard as it is for me to do this…..KUDOS to Tom Hicks for this nice gesture to the faithful fans! I’ve despised him in the past and accused him of not caring about the fans, but this is one time when he…..or somebody in marketing (Sunny perhaps?) came up with a great idea. Since Hicks had to approve it, thank you Mr. Hicks. What a game last night! Let’s get those arrogant Yanks again tonight! And please, could you wanna be Yankee fans who only show up at games when the Yanks are good please shut up? There is nothing worse than cheers for the enemy in our house!
By the way, the arrogant Yankee offense is pretty good, but your pitching is not all that impressive. Sic em d’god….pitching and defense, pitching and defense. I will say that the only class on the Yankees is Derek Jeter. No one can hate a great guy like that. Too bad the rest don’t try to emulate they way he plays the game. He’s the only one worth a cheer. I hope Holland strikes him out 3 times today!

If Hicks really cared about his fans, he’d do more. I live in Austin and can’t get Rangers on TV here at all, only Astros…. There are a lot of fans who’d like to at least get games on radio. FSW carried one or two games, but that’s it. Otherwise Astros every game. KFAN doesn’t come in at all, KRLD bleeds in and out but use to carry games more regularly. Cox or Suddenlink won’t carry Rangers games….or MLB network.

I’m out of my league even commenting on this….but….as hard as it is to say….that may not be Hicks’ fault. I believe MLB has regional agreements for MLB teams and you happen to be in a region that belongs to the Astros. I seem to remember when the Expos were moving to D.C. that in order for that to happen, the Orioles had to give up some of their regional rights to the DC area. It’s also part of the reason why the A’s have had some problems relocating outside Oakland due to regions the Giants have rights to. I don’t believe Hicks lives and breathes for the fans and he most of the time takes us for granted. But, I think we can only call foul if there really is a foul. I will agree with you jwjr in that Hicks could definitely do more to try and endear himself to the fanbase a little more. But, you’ll probably agree with me that the best thing he’s done is to step out of the limelight and own from the background while making Nolan Ryan the franchise front man.

Oh yes….tough luck with those Yanks. Bring on the swingin A’s. I think we’ll pound the Yankees in their new stadium next week regardless of what happened here.

I am just wanting to make sure I heard right that if you vote 25 times for our Rangers for the All Star game you get two free tickets? If so how do we recieve them?

I was just wondering about those of us that endured the May 2nd FIVE hour rain-delayed game against the White Sox. Are the Yankees really that special? Did I miss the announcement for free tickets for May 2nd hard-core fans? We were about the last car in the parking lot!

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