Jones starts at first base


Andruw Jones made his first career start at first base on Friday night against the Astros. Jones was in the lineup even though a right-hander was pitching for the Astros. Hank Blalock and Chris Davis were both on the bench.

Manager Ron Washington, who doesn’t get a designated hitter this weekend because of Interleague play, was looking to give his lineup a boost after what happened in Detroit and was hoping Jones could provide it.

“I just wanted to get his bat in the lineup and I definitely wanted to give Chris a day off,” Washington said. “I just wanted some presence in the lineup. I’ll get Chris back in there tomorrow. I just wanted to give him a day.”

Washington wasn’t sure if Blalock will start this weekend since there is no designated hitter being used.

“I’m dealing with today right now,” Washington said.

Padilla update: Vicente Padilla was officially placed on the disabled list with a strained right shoulder. Padilla said he felt the problem in his last start against the Angels on Saturday. He didn’t think it was that serious but it continued to bother him when he did his side session in the bullpen and again when he took batting practice in preparation of Interleague play.

“It might have happened somewhere in there,” Padilla said.

Padilla is eligible to come off the disabled list on June 1 but there are no guarantees he’ll be ready by then. Asked how he felt on Friday, Padilla said, “so-so.”

He was hoping to avoid the D.L. but the Rangers didn’t want to run short of a pitcher during Interleague play and with the Yankees coming to town next week.

“If I can not pitch, they have to do what they have to do,” Padilla said. “I’ll keep working and see how I feel in the middle of the week. I don’t have to rush it. I have to take my time.”



Rangers need to make that rumored trade with the giants sending Blalock and Cruz for Jonathan Sanchez. But if they don’t move fast they’re going to be holding the bag…….works well for both teams……..they’re all blocking prospects that the front office wants in the game…..

Sancez??? Really?? Sanchez?? Ummm… no! He is very streaky. He doesn`t go for more than 5-6 innings. Just like Matt Cain. Their pitch count are so high by the 5th inning, that Bochy has no other choice, but to bring the pen. If the rangers are going to let go of their pop, then it has to be for an ace type pitcher, no 2 or 3. Sanchez is barely a no 5 starter, and that`s because Noah Lowry is hurt. Our pitching is not the best in the mlb, and that`s fine. The arms that we have, will do just fine. Just have a little bit of faith

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Peavy on other blogs. Let me be the first to say I don’t think the Rangers should even try. He doesn’t have the mental make up to pitch in our ballpark. He wouldn’t be worth what it would cost to get him. Let’s stay the course and concentrate on developing our guys with the right mentality to pitch here. To me, Peavy would be Adam Eaton except Peavy can actually pitch, but he wouldn’t be here long. Also, I don’t think the Rangers should be in a rush to make any deal. If someone comes to us with an offer that we can’t refuse and it fits with the program, then okay. Just my opinion.
Finally, isn’t it great to finally see these young guys coming up and appearing to fulfill the promise we have been hearing about. And, I think this is just the beginning!

Peavy is under control (with an option) through 2013, so not having him for long isn’t a concern, but I can’t see him ever waiving his no-trade clause to come to Texas. He’s cleary stated his preference to remain in the NL and/or on the West coast. There’s no doubt the Rangers could come up with a suitable package to satisfy the Padres, but Peavy has final say.

I agree wholeheartedly with that last paragraph, sullivanian.

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