Monday Morning Manager…The Streak

The Rangers are halfway there. They have a seven-game winning streak and the club record is 14, set in 1991. That was when they had the most prolific offense in the league.

During that winning streak the Rangers:

Monday_Morning_Manager.jpg* Hit .348 and averaged 8.1 runs per game. They hit .341 with runners in scoring position.

* The staff ERA was 3.41 including a 4.00 ERA by the starters.

* They had a team fielding percentage of .983.

During this seven-game winning streak the Rangers are:

* Hitting .272 and averaging 5.9 runs per game. They are hitting .217 with runners in scoring position.

* They have a 2.63 ERA, including, including a 2.37 ERA by their starters.

* They have a .996 fielding percentage.

1. Are you convinced that the Rangers have a better team than the Angels?

2. What do you think about the number of innings that the Rangers starters are pitching?

3. Wht do you think John Lackey’s problem was on Saturday?

4. Is the Rangers-Astros interleague rivalry a big deal?

5. Is it too early to get excited about how the Rangers are playing?


1. I’m not convinced that the Rangers have a better team than the Angels, but I am convinced that one team is playing better than the other right now.
2. I am thrilled by the job the rotation is doing.
3. Good question. I couldn’t tell the first pitch went behind Ian from where I was sitting, and didn’t know that until after the game. I was shocked that Lackey wasn’t warned before he got kicked out.
4. Not really.
5. Nah. Why not get excited? It’s fun to go to the Ballpark again.

1. Yes
2. Acceptable
3. Likes being paid to not play
4. No
5. No, as long as bygone Julys keep you grounded

Oh, and happy birthday Sunny – one of the all-time Ranger greats, and an all around great guy.

The Rangers sure seemed better then the Angels last weekend.


1. Lackey and Santana have yet to become factors, so I’ll say “not yet” for now, but this Rangers team is certainly better than I thought it would be.
2. I think it’s great. I’m hoping that by using off days to give extra rest, they’ll be more likely to avoided prolonged dead arm periods in the summer. It looks like out pitchers are leading the AL with 6.2 innings per start, but aren’t throwing any more pitches per start than the leaders. If they continue to be efficient with regard to pitch count, then there’s no harm in throwing more innings. Having guys in the bullpen who need work is a good problem to have.
3. That’s a great question. I wish I had the answer.
4. I enjoy it.
5. No. The mixed bag of Millwood/Padilla’s contract years, the young guys (Harrison, Holland, Feldman, McCarthy) stepping up, the influence of Mike Maddux and the emphasis on conditioning has these guys pitching like a decent team. I’m not saying they’ll be this good all season, but if they continue to work quickly and good play defense, good things are going to happen.

1. Not yet, I want to see the Rangers play a fully healthy Angels team. But I think that the Rangers are a improved team and the season series will be a lot of fun to watch – as long as both teams stay healthy.

2. It’s very old school that’s for sure. The fact is that the majority of modern pitchers arms aren’t accustomed to pitching that many innings makes me wonder how it’s going to affect the starters ability to pitch effectively in August and September?

3. I have no idea – but thanks for the gift win John.

4. Big deal – no. Fun to watch – yes.

5. It’s too early to talk about “statement” games, but it’s never too early to enjoy good defense, good pitching, timely hitting and W’s.

1. I never considered the Angels to be that much of a “better” team than the Rangers. So, when evaluating at the team level, yes, the Rangers are a better team based on actual on-field performance. Ask the Yankees, Mets, Bosox, et al, how that whole “On Paper” advantage is working out. Yes, they are all winning teams but only the Mets are in first but the Phils are right on their heels. What’s the cliche? “Thats why they play the game”… Still early in the season but this is fun to see.

2. It is great so far, I guess a case could be made for guy’s wearing down late in the season but it seems every other team that makes a post-season run has their starters doing things like this all season, so the expectation should be that they should be a ble to keep it up. If they have truly bought into what Nolan has been preaching (mandating?) why should we not expect more of the same? There will be some bumps but if they keep up this level of improvement over past staffs, we may just well be buying meaningful October baseball seats.

3. I think he was trying to deliver an “I own the inside half” message and failed miserably. I was actually sorry to see him get tossed because it would have been much sweeter to just beat him outright. The Angels have no room to complain about Ian crowding the plate, they have their fair share of ’em too starting with Kendrick.

4. It’s just great marketing/revenue generation but the games still count so the Rangers still need to show up ready to play.

5. No, If the Cowboys started off hot, say 4-0, people would be talking Super Bowl. Get behind the Rangers, show some support, and it will be a fun season for everyone.

That interesting stat comparison has a lot to say about pitching and defense eh?

1. The thing about baseball is “that on any single day….” The Rangers were better than the Angels. We’ll see next time.
2. Props to Mike Maddux (and Nolan Ryan)…we’ve had these same pitchers last year so the difference must be the pitching coach.
3. Rusty…I think the pitches slipped. I suspect he was trying to keep Kinsler off the plate. But I will say one thing here. The ump had everything there right in front of him. I’ll support the ump.
4. We need to beat them because the games count in the standings.
5. Of course not…This is the thing. I see an awful lot of critics when the Rangers lose. The Ron Washington haters and the Michael Young critics…the bring smoak up guys….what these guys don’t realize is that the games are more important than the season. We’re winning games…I’m excited…Can we win 92? I’m excited!

1. Yes, we were 3-0 against them and have had a lot of success against the AL West this season. Granted the Angels are getting their top pitchers back, but we still don’t know how effective they will be following their injuries. The Rangers pitchers so far have been better, the rangers hitters are definitely better than the angels hitters. The big question will be how the staff holds up when the heat comes to Texas. So far so good…

2. I love it. I love that the pitching is getting stretched out and the bullpen is staying rested. The starters get 4 days off and the extra little off day every once in a while helps.

3. I think the problem was that Kinsler hit 2 home runs the night before and he wanted to send a message not to crowd the plate. I find it hard to believe that it wasn’t intentional due to how good Lackey’s control is.

4. Every series is a big deal. I like the Texas matchup because we can say we are the best team in Texas and prove it on the field.

5. It’s not to early to be excited. This is the stuff that should excite fans. I love walking into Wal-Mart with a Rangers hat and have the greeter jumping asking if the Rangers won today. I’m loving that we are getting the area excited about baseball again. I haven’t seen this in a long time.

1. Not just yet
2. I think Nolan had a lot to do with that. Just hope they can hold on.
3. Only he will know
4, Not really
5. Its early, but yes

1. Right now the Rangers are the better team. I like that the Rangers have only 2 losses against the AL west teams. And that was Oakland both times. The Rangers were better in every aspect of the series execpt for the 9th innings of game 1 of series. Other than that they dictated the series. So why to go Rangers. Man they have been playing some great baseball lately it is fun to watch and be Rangers fan and get excited about this summers posibilities.
2. I love that just about everytime out for the whole season so far the starters are pitching at least 6 innings if not going 7. Which helps the bullpen stay fresh and that is very encourgaing to see because the bullpen is also pitching pretty decsent when they get a chance. Just about every pitcher starter or reliever has done something good at some point this season to help the team win games and is great to see everyone contribute.
3. I was at the game on Saturday afternoon and I have never see anyone get a faster hook and after seeing the replays I can why the umpire felt he needed to eject Lackey. The ballpark just erupted with joy and cheering it was great to watch. There was a purpose behind his method I just don’t think Lackey thought it through enough. I hope the next time he faces Ian that Ian takes him deep.
4, No, It was great to see the Rangers and Astros play each other regular but is it a heated rivalry i wouldn’t go that far. But I like the series itself I don’t think the players put that much stock into that series. It is just another series for both of them to play just like any other series.
5. It is hard not to get excited about how they are playing but it is only May ask me again how I feel in September when we are about to wrap up the division and my answer will probably be way different. But it is great to watch games right now. Now we need to pay bacl Detroit for ruining the start of the season for us.

1. Are you convinced that the Rangers have a better team than the Angels?

I think it’s a very close call still. The Angels have a prolific rotation when healthy. We have a prolific offense even when we’re NOT healthy. Our rotation has proved it can finally hang around long enough to make a difference. I say we have the edge right now.

2. What do you think about the number of innings that the Rangers starters are pitching?

I think it’s the by far the most important cog in the Texas Rangers machine right now. Having them play so efficiently and effectively is vital to the entire thing. On a side note, the defense is helping out the staff immensely as well.

3. Wht do you think John Lackey’s problem was on Saturday?

I honestly think he was just off. As hard as that sounds, it doesn’t make sense for him to hit Kinsler. Either way, it’s over and we won so who cares anymore?

4. Is the Rangers-Astros interleague rivalry a big deal?

I don’t really feel the interleague stuff has really made things more exciting. It’s nice to play teams you’ll never otherwise play, but as for a rivalry, I don’t see it even come close to being as big of a deal for us as an Angels, Yankees or Red Sox series.

5. Is it too early to get excited about how the Rangers are playing?

Absolutely not! Anytime your team is playing well, there’s need for excitement. Should we start printing off AL West Championship shirts just yet? Absolutely not. But it feels good to be able to get excited for your team again.

1. They were this weekend but would probably reserve that judgment until the Angels get their pitchers back.

2. It is a good thing for the most part.

3. A purpose pitch and then rusty on the inside pitch…..Not real smart to go inside after throwing it behind him though…..How many of those pitches should the ump let him throw like that? 3? 4? 5?

4. Doesnt seem to be but it is a good chance to go to a nice ballpark in Houston.

5. What is wrong with getting excited about playing great baseball? The guys are hitting, pitching, and playing good defense. So what if it is May?

1. Until the Angels get their full rotation and Vlad the Ranger killer back to full strength, the jury is still out.
2. Gotta love it, but but expect to see Millwood, McCarthy, or Padilla come up with some bizarre injury at some point. Hope the new conditioning program helps avoid this.
3. Obvious by his arm motion he was aiming on both throws(can’t really call them pitches). Angels still think they are the team to beat. This series is gonna get REALLY good.
4. A win is a win, and a loss sucks.
5. Anything past opening day is a reason for excitement.Rangers fans aren’t the only ones- the sports media is quickly turning the Rangers into baseball’s biggest story to date.

1) Yes so far they are three and zero against them. Beat them up now while they are down, get some distance and games between us and them, then the games in September won’t be as crucial. Each game counts as one win or loss.
2) It is great and it isn’t a coincidence that the team is winning games. Shocker it is all about pitching and defense. If a team excels in all facets of the game, pitching, defense, hitting then it has a very high probability of winning.
3) Nothing, maybe he is mad the Rangers didn’t draft him and wanted to go out for the evening at J Gilligans?
4) No
5) No it is not too early. The Rangers are learning to win and gaining confidence. It is never too early to build on your success.

#’s that count, and prove up what i have been saying, “It is all about the pitching,” 2.37 E.R.A. by the starters, .217 RISP, 7 game winning streak.

1. The Angels probably have the better rotation again now that Lackey and Santana are back. That’s going to go a long ways toward masking their horrible bullpen if they’re both healthy. Vlad’s due back soon as well.

The Rangers are getting ready to surpass them talent wise at the major league level, but I’m still not sure this is going to be the year where all that talent arrives in time to put it all together. That said, we’re doing pretty good right now for a team that’s still full of interim guys who aren’t performing all that great, like Byrd and Blalock.

2. I just hope their current workload doesn’t hurt them later on in the year when we’re really going to need them to step up. I don’t think we’re going to be able to force them to throw 120 pitches every time out to mask a ****** bullpen and expect them to be at 100% come August/September.

3. I guess the Angels where ticked off by some of the Rangers pregame comments, namely Marlon Byrd’s, and Lackey thought he was going to make a statement by hitting Kinsler, then proceed to shut us down in style, showing the whole nation who the owners of the AL West are. The ump didn’t afford him that chance though, and the only statement Lackey made is that he’s a *******.

This kinda reminds me of Sexson charging Gabbard last year – just a frustrated guy looking to make a statement and going about it completely the wrong way.

4. Not anywhere near the Angels/Rangers rivalry that we’re going to see for the rest of the year.

5. Probably. The offense seriously sucks when it comes to plate discipline, and the bullpen still has scrubs like Guardado and Benson in it. Still though, if we can just play .500 ball the rest of the way this year we’re going to be in the hunt for the division in September – only thing is, I think we’ll have to see some talent from the minors come up and immediately step up if we’re going to win it.

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