Francisco throws without problem

The latest from Arlington

* Frank Francisco threw a bullpen session on Monday without any trouble. Next is a simulated game on Wednesday in Detroit. If that goes well, he could be activated on Friday.

* Dustin Nippert – on the DL with a pulled muscle in his back – is ready to begin a throwing program.

* Josh Hamilton is day-to-day with a strained right groin.

* Willie Eyre (strained groin) throws a bullpen session on Tuesday.



I haven’t been this excited since the 74 season when the team went 84-76 after two 100 loss seasons……..They had the rookie of the year-Mike Hargrove……the MVP Jeff Burroughs and the Comeback Player Fergy Jenkins who won 25 led by my favorite manager of the year Billy Martin. That was one exciting season and then Billy got in a fight with two bouncers from the topless club and had to leave town……So Elvis Rookie of Year and Kinsler MVP but which pitcher is it going to be? CJ yes to honor Billy it must be CJ……Can a pitching coach be Manager of the Year?

Thank you Mr. Ryan, for making Ranger baseball interesting again.

Sorry to sound crude, but I’m pretty sure Hamilton’s groin strain was nothing more than him getting hit in the balls. He was kinda tugging on himself in the outfield afterward. If you watch the replay you can see how he would have injured a sensitive area. I suspect he was fine about an hour later.

Baseball hasn’t been seen on Melbourne television since the 80’s, when for a couple of years there was a delayed telecast “game of the week”. This year it has returned, live, and todays game -you guessed it- features The Rangers. My cup runneth over…. :-) :-) :-))

By jolly yes! Billy Martin’s turnaround gang! I was in the 4th grade and that is when I became hooked on the Rangers. I still think Fergie had a better season that Catfish and he should’ve gotten the Cy Young award. That was a great season. I can still hear Dick Risenhoover’s home run call of “bye bye baseball”! That team made me believe every spring since that our Rangers could win it all.
For me, this season is even more exciting than that one. These guys are a true team and they have a certain swagger about them that I don’t think I have ever seen with any other Rangers team. They look like they believe they can beat anyone. No matter what happens, this is the foundation for many years of fun baseball as the team continues to develop.
Next, can we bring back Farm and Ranch Night? I can’t wait until the next game starts.

By the way, does anyone remember the game against the Angels in May 1977 on camera night when the game was called because of hail?

Goodness, nick, you could be right! When I saw pictures of Elvis waving those maracas around I thought he was just having fun, but now I realise that he making a statement about Josh’s courting tackle…

And ’74, ’74… My last year in Heaven (ie, the last year I lived in Dallas – well, Richardson if you want to be pedantic…) How could anyone forget that first inning pitched by David Clyde,walking the first two batters and then striking out the next three! The crowd went mad! Mad, I tell yoy! Mad!!

Anthony…Have you been roasting “Roos” for 35 years???

When the Rangers are doing well it does seem to take us back to a time either when they were playing better or we were younger. I think the when we were younger might be the most important of the two.

Yes, fred, I’ve been BBQing roos for many years now (thanks for reminding me it’s 35…) with the BBQ skills I learned in Texas. On a spit I can get the roo cooked all through without burning the joey in the pouch :-)

Every team has a team they can’t seem to solve. This year, I guess it’s the Tigers. I am going out on a limb and saying we win tomorrow! This team has the chutzpa to solve those Tigers.

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