Rangers to sign Hinckley; Duran to D.L.

The Rangers are expected to acquire pitcher Mike Hinckley and add him to their Triple A Oklahoma City roster. Hinckley refused outright assignment with the Washington Nationals last week and became a free agent. He is from Oklahoma City. The Rangers are expected to put infielder German Duran on the disabled list with a rib injury. Hinckley is a left-handed reliever who has a 1.93 ERA in 28 games with the Nationals over two seasons.


Bring It On. 6-0 and hope they can hold on. So much for Saunders…… GO RANGERS…..

An open note to the Skipper:

Mr Washington I’ve been one of your staunchest supporters but tonight you blew it. Here’s how I see it.
1. Holland is just a rook. You know to protect Andrus and bat him 9th what were you thinking about leaving Holland in for over 60 pitches tonight. He isn’t stretched out and we don’t need him to be. What you accomplished is burning this pitcher for what? 4 days…..maybe he can come back Sunday but I doubt it.
2. You risked this kids arm. Spacing him out…a couple of innings at a time….keeps us from shutting him down late in the season like we had to shut down pitchers last year….just when we needed them.
3. Last but not least you forgot about MO!!! Our pitching stall has been hot….fumbling around in the 9th there…we May lost our MO! And don’t think your offense didn’t notice too…you don’t want to remind the offense how futile it been playing behind pitchers who lose the game in late innings.

Aw shucks…what do I know anyway…I’m just a fan…but I wouldn’t have had the kid start the 9th.

well holland is only a starter and 60 pitches is basically nothing to a starter, the last time he pitched was tuesday and he only pitched 20 pitches. they brought holland up to get him ready for the big leagues to be a starter so obviously 40 to 50 pitches every 3 or so days would be exactly the same as throwing 90 or so pitches as a starter in triples A every 5 days. so he didn’t risk his arm at all.

Well, I’m not sure why he left Holland in that long either. You have all season to develope him into a starter. I think they should have brought in Wilson to finish the game. I guess Washington does have some insurance in our powerhouse offense. :) We have plenty of hitters, it’s gotta be fun putting together lineups for each game.

I like the signing of Hinckley, another good reliever for our bullpen. A big WOW, so far for our rotation. Nolan Ryan and Maddox sure have helped. I can’t remember many complete games over the past few years for the rangers by any pitcher.

Keep up the good work boys’ things are looking up.

Washington may have left Holland in too long for my taste. But, let’s look at this one as a great learning experience that shows him how a game can get out of hand real fast. As long as Washington doesn’t make a habit out of this, I think it will help Holland in his development. He won’t soon forget how hard it was to get that last strike. And, good teams prevail in games like this one. Guess who prevailed last night? But guys, please don’t make a habit out of it. Get well soon Frankie!

As for Holland he was cruising along and you must admit he was not getting the called strikes that he should have been getting. The ump was as much to blame for Hollands blowup as anybody. Holland was getting pissed and upset about the non calls and ended up putting a couple right over the plate. Yes I do think someone else should have came in the 9th,but even with that the bad calls really hurt.

The way they coddle these pitchers today is the reason they have to bring them along slowly. Nolan is changing all that and Ron has to get on board with it. Of course that also could have been Ron saying ….OK Nolan Ill leave this guy in way past what I should just for you…

That 9th inning rally last night was equal parts Angels offense and Tim Tschida officiating.

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