Francisco, Angels pitching update

From Arlington…

* Frank Francisco reported improvement in his sore right shoulder. He could throw on the side tomorrow and possibly be ready to pitch in the upcoming Angels series. He is still unavailable for the Mariners.

* The Angels are going with Joe Saunders and John Lackey in the first two games of the weekend seies at The Ballpark. Lackey will be coming off the disabled list and making his first start of the season. No word yet if Ervin Santana will be activated off the disabled list for the series. The Angels are undecided for Sunday.



Where are the critics now? Where have they been for the last two weeks? I know better than to think we’re playing so well that we win it all….but ain’t it fun watching them win?

Sweep it today guys because the Angels are tough for this weekend.

I was just thinking the same thing fredr. When there is losing or uncertainty going on, the place is all “abuzz”. This has been a nice groove and I would think there is much to talk about. How about Blalock in the clutch, the Andrus effect, the continued quality starting pitching, the shut down stuff that is Frankie Francisco, and the contributions from everyone on the team? There is a lot of postive to talk about. It is fun watching these guys. I think we are seeing the foundation of a good run that may very well become a legacy for this group. I love it. Bring on the Angels. I’m not afraid of them!

What I’m loving most is the quicker pace the pitchers are working at and the improved defense……and don’t think those two things are unrelated. I think the range Andrus has put on display, not to mention the arm strenght is why myself and others were perfectly OK with him coming up, expriencing his growing pains and making 25 errors or so, if that’s what happens because those 25 extra baserunners will pale in comparison to the hits he takes away. Harrison is going to have to stay sharp to keep us in it this afternoon against King Felix, but he’s got the stuff, and hopefully the confidence, to do it.

TR it looks like Ervin Santana is slated to pitch today against Boston against Brad Penny. So I guess he comes off the DL today. So the Rangers will miss Santana.

But I am jazzed about this afternoons game. I hope Matty can pitch another great game and out duel King Felix. Whether his scoreless innings streak goes on or not he just continues to keep getting batters out consistently.

So my hope for today is another Rangers win and I hope the Red Sox give the Angels something to think about before coming to Texas.

Yep, been since May 1st since you know “who” has posted but when things are going well the whiners and snivelers have little to bitch about. Sure has been a nice break and great baseball too. Go Rangers……………….

Hey guys, telling the truth about your product ain’t bitching. Especially when you want to improve it. The Rangers have been getting quality pitching and quality defense. That is the recipe for winning games pure and simple. I am happy and glad to see it. Winning cures a lot of ills. Go Rangers!

Good Night! Did you guys see the end of that game? (Thursday) If you can’t believe in these guys you can’t believe in nuthin! Stay close, stay close and then walkoff!!!! ….yeah baby!

UNBELIEVABLE! I tried to restrain myself, but the BlueCross BlueShield rep I was on the phone with still thought I was having a medical emergency.

I love the way these guys get excited about winning, I know it about the money in pro ball, but these guys look and act like a team. It makes the Yankees and their payroll seem pathetic.

It may only be May and maybe there are some holes but everyone has contributed the last 2 weeks or so……Only one thing to say about the walk-offs…..Hell, Yeah! Bring on the Angels.

The last two games have been especially fun to see. Matt closed tonight’s complete game out in grand style. I’d love to hear Nolan’s reactions watching him pitch. The guys on this team must be grinning so hard it hurts… Go get the Angels.

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