Of Benson, Golson and Vallejo

Rangers bullets from Sunday

* The Rangers are expected to add outfielder Greg Golson to their roster on Monday and return catcher Max Ramirez ro Triple A Oklahoma. Ramirez was called up when Josh Hamilton was placed on the disabled list Friday, but that’s because Jarrod Saltalamacchia was suffering from eye irritation.

Saltalamacchia is fine so the Rangers want to add an outfielder. Golson is the choice.

* Kris Benson allowed three runs in five innings in a medical rehabilitation assignment start for Double A Frisco. He had no problems with his right elbow. That’s not what’s keeping him from returning to the Rangers rotation.

Scott Feldman is. Right now the Rangers are trying to decide if Benson should make one more rehab start or go into their bullpen in place of Luis Mendoza.

* Infielder Jose Vallejo has been promoted from Double A Frisco to Triple A Oklahoma.

1 Comment

I think after all Feldman has done the Baseball God would laugh at the Rangers if they didn’t put him back in the rotation now……….and Benson now actually sounds good in the bullpen…..it certainly gives another look……….and we can’t let Mendoza go out there right now!

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