Saturday night in Baltimore

They need to know what it’s like to be in those situations. They need to feel it. That’s part of the process. They need to feel the adrenaline rush and learn how to react in those situations and get the job done. The only way to do that is by being in it.”

Rangers manager Ron Washington on why he didn’t pinch-hit for Elvis Andrus and Chris Davis late in Friday’s game against the Orioles.

* Michael Young is the first player in Major League history to hit three game-tying or game-winning home runs in the ninth inning over a five-game span. There have been ten previous occasions when a player has hit three home runs in the ninth-inning over a five-game span but in none of those instances were all game-tying or go-ahead home runs.

* The Rangers do not expect to get involved with Pedro Martinez.

* The Rangers could have some interest in reliever Luis Vizcaino, who is currently on outright waivers, but it would likely be for a job at Triple A rather than the Major League level.



If that is the case with Davis and Andrus, then why did he pinch hit for Davis on Thursday vs. a lefty? Maybe he changed his mind after watching Jones play 1B in extra innings……And who had the great idea of putting Jones at 1B in the first place? I really enjoy watching the guys hit and rooting for our pitchers but the manager drives me crazy on a routine basis.

Maybe deep in Young’s subconsious is that pull when the bases were loaded……..he’s unleashing payback for the insult…………

If Ron is gonna say things like that then he needs to stick to his guns. I guess that is one overall concern of mine is that he is wishy-washy! When things go south on him, he looks lost and looks to be looking for someone to help him make his decisions. You don’t see other managers doing the kinds of things he does. Never let them see you sweat. We call it officer presence in my line of work, how you carry yourself. Ron doesn’t have managerial presence and sometimes it looks like he just makes moves to be making moves. If we are developing players then Jones is the DH on this team period end of story and Davis hits and Vizquel sits. So which is it are you developing players or are we trying to win now? If you are trying to win now then shouldn’t have we went out and got those two starters and two relievers that you said we needed at the end of 08. Well you didn’t get them and we are where we are because of it. Holland belongs in the rotation along with Feldman, Hairrison looked good last time, Millwood too. So you either put McCarthy or Padilla in the bullpen, you pick.

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