Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, where we drink a toast to Omar Vizquel on his 42nd birthday, making him the oldest position player in Rangers history.
* Jon Daniels on Vicente Padilla: “Padilla’s been healthy but as you know he’s a guy that relies on the big fastball, kind of late movement in the zone.  There’s no physical issues.  There’s no mechanical issues.  We think it’s just a little bit of a kind of oddly timed late spring dead arm period.  You know most guys go through it in the middle of spring.  We’re kind of hoping Vinnie is just going through it here at the end.  His velocity has been down a tick or so, but I think the big thing is he feels healthy and our medical staff and Mike Maddux are comfortable with that.”

* Wondering about David Murpy? Jim Driscoll, who was a second baseman, was 0-for-18 with the Rangers in 1972. That’s the most at-bats by a Ranger in one entire season without getting a hit.

* Chad Kreuter’s 0-for-14 in April, 1989 is the most at-bats by a Ranger in the opening month without a hit. Vic Harris was 0-for-24 in July 1972. That’s the most at-bats by a Ranger in any month without a hit.

* In 1969, outfielder Richie Schienblum went 0-for-31 for April. That’s the worst of any month that we can find in the past 50 years. Hey, but Craig Biggio was 0-for-17 in April of 1995. He only played five games but…

* You know that if a Rangers player reaches first base tonight against the Orioles, he’ll be standing right in the middle of where Babe Ruth’s adopted father’s bar used to stand.

* Going into Kevin Millwood’s start on Thursday, Rangers pitchers had walked six batters after getting ahead 0-2 in the count. The Angels and Athletics had done that just twice. The Mariners had done that four times. The Nationals, as bad as they are, had done it just three times.

* Scott Feldman on his worst job ever: “Working for Budweiser. The driver and I would go around unloading kegs at restaurants. Yeah, I didn’t like that. I had to get up at four in the morning. So I didn’t like that too much.”

* Jim Thome has the most walk-off home runs of any active player. He has 11. Vladimir Guerrero and David Ortiz have nine.

* Michael Young’s favorite superhero? The Incredible Hulk: “I watched the TV show when I was a kid. Every time he turned green and get mad, I’d hide behind the couch. I watched, like, the 70s version, the old, old version. It was a pretty sweet show.”

* Just for the heck of it: Jack Daugherty.

harper-lee.jpg* Harper Lee – who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird – is a big baseball fan.

* Milton Bradley to Cubs MLB.Com writer Carrie Muskat: “It’s been frustrating. You come in here and all [the media] want to talk about is how often you get hurt and your attitude and everything. I’ve given them an example right off the bat. I just don’t feel like getting caught up in all the negativity. I’m a positive person, an upbeat person. I’m trying to focus on what I’m trying to do here. My teammates are behind me and the more reporters get in my face, the more I talk, the more things get written the way I don’t say them or they’re taken out of context, and that’s when you lose teammates and you lose fans. The best strategy for me has always been to not say anything.”

* On this date in 1901, the Chicago White Sox defeated Cleveland, 8-2. There were 14,000 fans at the Chicago Cricket Club and the game lasts 90 minutes. It is the first American League game ever.

* Orioles pitcher Adam Eaton after getting his first victory since July on Thursday: “I’m not going to panic. We are professional athletes, [and] there is some stress. It’s inherent like that, but to stress out and lose my hair about it, that’s not going to happen. I’m very confident in my abilities and what I’m capable of doing, and every time I go out there I feel like I’m going to be able to perform like I did tonight.”

* Hall of Famer Edd Roush: “One of my chores was to milk the cows, which meant getting up before dawn and going out to that cold dark barn. I didn’t expect to make it all the way to the big leagues, I just had to get away from them damn cows.”


A 90 minute game? Wow! With the Red Sox and Yankees playing this weekend – we’ll be lucky if any are shorter then 4 hours!


Does anyone know what happened to the lefty named Joe Torres who was with the Rangers in spring training before being sent down halfway thru the spring?

I really like David Murphy, but I like Brandon Boggs better. Boggs is a clutch hitter who seems to thrive under pressure. These two need to be swapped so Murphy can find his stroke again.
Hey uncle “Milty”, you’re giving some good advice to yourself, keep your mouth shut… please! Positive and upbeat????
Does anyone remember the tear that Jack Daugherty went on for two or three weeks? That just about summed up his MLB career.
I’d like to see Jason Jennings get another crack at the rotation at some point. Feldman needs more work and it needs to be in OKC.

“two need to be swapped…”

I concur. I don’t buy the ‘clutch hitter’ or ‘under pressure’ comments, but Murph does need to go down to AAA to get some constant play and plenty of consistant ABs out of the spotlight to get his mojo back. Get him back up to speed by June and we’ll be watching him hit doubles off the outfield wall all summer.

Send Murphy down if you must. But bring up a pitcher and play Jones, Ham, Cruz and Byrd. We don’t need 5 outfielders and this has been Murphy’s problem a lack of playing time. I do not understand why we traded Gabbard, he is left handed and as Wash said a competitor. Hey Hefe, it is cliche but good pitching beats good hitting every time. We are averaging 6 runs per game but other than Mike Young’s clutch hits, the rest have not been timely hit. Lest us forget that we had one game where we blew out the Orioles so that is upping our offensive run average. I do not believe that Ron is the problem, but it looks like Earl Weaver Baseball, waiting for the three run homer. What i am trying to say is that this team does not manufacture runs. I thought we were supposed to be working the count, advancing runners playing small ball. Where is Billy freaking Martin when you need him? What about McLemore as a manager?

Josh sure is missing Milton? this was a concern of the “organization” and why we reportedly had to have Jones. So if this is the case then put Jones behind Hamilton and play him. Move Cruz down to 6th.

Torres is on Frisco’s roster but hasn’t pitched yet.

Daugherty went on a massive 41 game tear from June 22nd to August 10th 1990, hitting .359/.404/.527 and had another nice, but shorter streak in when he hit .352/.400/.500 from July 7th to August 24th in the summer of ’89. He must have enjoyed hitting in the Texas heat.

“Josh sure is missing Milton?” – Is that a question or a statement? I’ve got a question: How much protection would the injured .043 hitting “heart and soul” Bradley be offering Hamilton right now? I’ve also got a couple of statements: Texas’ 4th place hitters have combined to hit .317/.397/.600 on the season. Josh’s troubles stem from fishing for outside breaking balls, not lack of protection.

hefe, I remember one game when Daugherty almost single handedly beat Roger Clemens going (I think) 4-4 with a homer.

Yes it does seem that not only Josh but others on this team are dead fastball hitters. If the pitcher doesn’t throw them fastballs then we are in trouble. Imagine that a pitcher that would not throw what the batter is looking for. Maybe Josh is thinking about that contract extension. I still say give me Volquez over Hamilton any day. Pitching beats good hitting every day and lets face it we have plenty of offense. Well at least offensive players that are gonna have huge numbers. How are our guys hitting with runners in scoring position? That can’t be too high or too good because we are leaving way too many players on base. I think it is listed as LOB. Could it be that we don’t hit and run, sacrifice, move runners over? I thought this was Washington’s strengths? If your supposed strengths are still weaknesses then how much more are your weaknesses well weaknesses? Ron doesn’t manage the game to my liking, he seems far too detached and willing to stand by and just let things play out. I prefer to see a manager that will fight, especially when things are going south. Bunt, sacrifice, move runners over. The goal is to score more runs than the opponent. When your ace gives up 4 runs and you tout your offense, it is a game you should win. You can’t sit around and wait for someone to hit a home run every time.

Hamilton’s “slump” amounted to 3 games in KC when he went 0-11 with 7 K’s and was swinging at bad pitches outside the zone. He’s been himself the last 3 in Toronto and he can hit the breaking ball fine. He just has to refrain from helping the pitchers by not going outside the zone to chase them. Speaking of slumps, your boy Volquez is sporting an ERA over 6 and going back 20 games, after his smoking hot start with the Reds, he’s dealing a 4.87 ERA in the national league. Gotta think that would be over 5 in our park, facing DH’s regularly. “Bunt, sacrifice, move runners over.” – Those are the stratagems of struggling offenses that have no choice but to manufacture runs on a consistent basis. This offensive unit is a juggernaut. Why tinker with it by giving away outs when you lead the free world in runs scored per game? Because they ran into one pitcher who was on top of his game? Seems to me like you’re trying to fix something that ain’t broke. There weren’t a lot of situations last night that called for small ball anyway if I remember correctly. Maybe some of Teagarden’s at bats. They should bunt him whenever possible. He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat right now.

Hefe, while normally I would agree with you, I think that there are some things that the boys dont do in certain situations…..Like bunting, moving runners from 2nd to 3rd, baserunning decisions that would elevate their game when they are not hitting as well……As far as the juggernaut goes, Hank is at .246, Hamilton at .226 (with some kind of rib injury it looks like), Davis at .204, and the catchers are in the .200 range……That is half the lineup at subpar. I do believe it will get better but it isnt rolling quite like last year. I do have a question for a certain someone: Why is it so important to continue to focus on the players that are not here anymore? They are gone…….Easy to pick and choose which guys were good trades and which ones were bad and then piece it together, no? Every team in this league has players that they shouldnt have traded, that flourished when they changed teams, or gave up on guys too early.

“That is half the lineup at subpar.” – and yet they average over 6 runs per game. I think we’d both agree that small ball tactics have their place, given the right situation. I don’t feel, however that Davis or Hamilton are going to bunt their way out of a slump.

No, Davis or hamilton arent going to bunt their way out of a slump and the guys are hitting HRs at a record pace……4 more tonight as I write this but I guess my point is that sometimes it is more prudent in certain situations to just make contact and score a guy from 3rd with a sac fly or just get a guy from 2nd to 3rd instead of swinging for the fences especially against good pitching. Just could be the difference in close games. I see it as more of a skill level to attain rather than a criticism of the offense…..Guess I am just a National League guy at heart…..Go Rangers.

TR…have enjoyed your work since the Herald days. Your comment about Babe Ruth’s “adopted” father raises questions. Where did you get this info? All BR books and visits to the Baltimore museum…have never seen that reference. In fact there is a well know photograph of young adult BR working behind the bar with his father…which shows an amazing resemblance. Thanks.

TR…your April 23 Friday Happy Hour mentions Camden Yards first base area being where Babe Ruth’s “adopted” father had a bar. Of the great many Ruth books and baseball history books I’ve read, always thought the location was center field. More importantly, have never seen any reference to an “adopted” father. In fact there is a well known photograph with a young adult Babe Ruth behind the bar with his father…an obvious and distinct resemblance.

Here’s a link to that photo:

Here’s a link to a related NY Times story:

Was curious re your info source/thoughts re the above.

Have enjoyed your work since Denison days. Best wishes.
Lynn Burton

Knowing your curiosity Lynn you’ll have to did into this. There’s just enough holes in Ruth’s young days to lead us to the conclusion that something’s smells in the state of Denmark in regard to his parentage. His Mom’s death certificate is one thing…lists her as a widow. I’d rather find a texas story to dig in but I suggest to solve this one…and hey isn’t your forte Texas High School football?

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