Holland for Rupe


The Rangers are calling up pitcher Derek Holland from Triple A Oklahoma. Pitcher Josh Rupe has been designated for assignment. Holland is going into the bullpen. He will be at the Ballpark in Arlington on Saturday.

Holland pitched brilliantly for the Rangers in 2008 in winning their Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award. He was 13-1 with a 2.27 ERA in 26 starts but only four of them were at Double A Frisco. He was 3-0 with a 0.69 ERA in four starts with the Roughriders and made one start at Oklahoma City this season, giving up four runs in four innings.

That means he has made just five starts above the Class A level.




First!! Glad to see this happening. Next question is when will we see Feliz?

Well I guess the Josh Rupe era is over. I fully suspect with his potential upside someone will want him. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Armando Galleraga.

I just hope it’s not too early for Holland. Not quite the same situation as with David Clyde, but still… And if Rupe does turn into another Galleraga, fred, you can be sure that you-know-who wil let us know again and again. And again and again and again…..

Incidentally, d’god, as for their being “a ton of AFFORDABLE pitching out there…” , perhaps the Yankees should have spent some money in the off season to improve their pitching.

Wow. I’m floored. I thought Diamond would get the call soon, but didn’t expect this. I’m with stroggs in hoping the young man is ready. He looks to me like a taller Scott Kazmire starter kit with the mid to high 90’s fastball, above average change and a spotty breaking ball with potential. He may or may not have immediate success, but I love this kids future.

Are they already giving up on this season? “It is too early to judge.” 11 games in and we are 4 and 7. Wow statistics really are reliable. The more we see of Washington’s led teams, the more the stats prove up what he is. “We need two starters and two relievers.” I guess they are now going to put Holland and Feliz into the bullpen, get there feet wet and then put them into the rotation. It doesn’t matter to me, but all we heard was how patient they were going to be with their prospects. 5 starts above Class A does not an experienced pitcher make. They did it right with Volquez, they just didn’t keep him. More RANGERS CURRENCY: Millwood pitched his hefe off tonight. But alas good pitching does in fact beat good hitting. Fire Jaramillo! That guy gets more kudos for someone who has a bunch of “hitters” who obviously don’t know what a clutch hit is….. What will we do against teams that have at least two good starters? Answer: You saw it against Detroit and KC. Hillman and Wakamatsu would have been better managers here. Ask Mike Young.

All we have left now is HD as in Holland and Diamond. Surely we could not have missed on Mr. Diamond. Not with our #1 overall minor league? Holland is a top prospect no doubt, but i want Feliz up here yesterday. Our bullpen stinks. What happened to our patience is a virtue, they are gonna spend an entire season in the minors speech? The more things supposedly change the more they stay the same. Pitchers rushed, released or traded before they mature then they come back to make us sick. Harrison did poorly the night before, but he is young, you have to pay your dues with them. Just as we paid them with Cruz we are gonna have to pay them with a young pitching staff. We were lucky that no one claimed Cruz last year. We won’t be so lucky if we release or trade a young pitcher.

I love Washington, but he was brought here for defense and working the count. I don’t see either of these things. No defense and no working of the count. Far too often you see “hitters” up there getting their hacks in. Take a freaking pitch, get on base with a walk, steal a base, sacrifice, hit and run, make something happen. Manage the freaking game for your benefit….. Don’t just sit there. Get out there and argue with the freaking umpire, stir up your team. Push someones buttons, start a fight, do something to motivate these losers……

I have mixed emotions about this. I am excited to see Holland up here, but I am worried about his role change and how that will affect him. I am worried because of the experience factor. I guess I’m just worried that yet another prospect could get messed up. This guy is part of our hope and the Rangers appear to be making a desperation move.But, on with the Derek Holland show!Man, if Rupe goes somewhere and shines, we are going to feel like crap. I’m not a big stat man, but I always saw Rupe as a starter and I don’t think he adjusted well to relieving which does take a different approach to the game. That’s why I’m worried about Holland. I’m not ready to pronounce the season officially in the tank, but if we get to June 1 and we’re looking at a new manager and yet another decimated pitching staff…….well, I really don’t want to go there. I still think this team can put together and 8 out of 10 string and we would all be a lot happier. I know everyone is looking to 2010, but the AL Worst is up for grabs yet again. The Angels continue to fall on hard times, the Mariners are coming back down to earth after a hot start, and the A’s are just going to be average. Somehow pulling off the division championship would be a GREAT building block. I have resolved myself to maintain optimism this year, but the ground is shaky.D’god, I would think you would be celebrating since all we heard last year was “get the young guys in there and let them pay their dues”. This year, you continue to lament over the lack of signing one of the quality arms out there. Nice point about the Yankees strogg. At least we haven’t had a team put up 40 runs in our house in one series. Welcome to baseball New Yankee Stadium. It seems we have another launch pad for pitchers to not want to pitch in.

By the way, why doesn’t our ballpark get more good pub? In my opinion, it still has more personality than most of the new parks. It has that cozy old school feel and is a great place to watch a game. Or, was Arlington Stadium so bad that I am happy with anything but. Incidently, I loved going to games at Arlington Stadium, but I was a kid then and I was more interested in seeing the players and the possibility of catching a foul ball….which I never did! Anyway, I love the Ballpark in Arlington! (I can’t bring myself to use the new name because the old one should never have been changed.)

I’ve had a brain gas shortage and forgot how Holtzie used to put it when we won…but to quote Harray Caray (sort of) Rangers win…Rangers win. Hoooolllly Cow! Nice win for the guys today!
Those of you who love the site and keep on coming here I’ve got some advice. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (D’god) What was his rant today. Fire Rudy Jaramillio? Is he nuts??? Rudy Jaramillio is acknowledged by almost everyone is baseball as the best hitting coach…but you know D’god…he’s got to have his rants. They’re insignificant but irritating.

stroggs? stroggs?????????????? Where on earth did mlb.com get my nick-name from? It is I, Anthony Morgan, famed slayer of the (d) gods. ’tis true that I am stroggs on the Internet Chess Club, but not here! Don’t be too hard on d’god, fred. Irritating? yes Repetitive? yes Illogical? yes But we need him. As a counterpoint to sanity, he brings a little joy into our dull lives.

Your new nickname came from the same place as mine, Anthony. (I used to be briant). MLB.com upgrade, I think.

As for Holland, I look forward to the day when Ranger farmhands are promoted because of their excellence at all levels of the minors – and by forcing their way to the majors.

Until then I suppose we will have to continue repeating the past – promoting the best available minor league players due to the failures of others at the major league level. Ready or not. I sincerely hope that DH is ready for the challenge. A move such as this could mean that it’s not only baseball man who is in danger of losing his job…

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