Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill


Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, located not in Arizona but deep in the heart of Texas.

Bar.JPG* Ian Kinsler on the Rangers: “We’re just as good as any other team. Somebody has to win it, why not us. We’re very talented, everybody knows it. It’s just a matter of us doing it on the field.”

* Michael Young on Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu: “They have a guy who is going to be one of the best managers in the game. That right there is huge. First of all he has a great baseball mind and he is an even better communicator. He knows the game and has a feel for it. But he knows how to communicate with his players and knows them on a personal feel.”

* Ty Cobb hit .401 in 1922. So? He’s the only .400 hitter to never win a batting championship. George Sisler hit .420 that year.

* Rusty Greer hit .332 for the Rangers in 1996 and Ivan Rodriguez matched that in 1999. Those are the highest ever by a Rangers player who didn’t win a batting title. Frank Catalanotto is sixth with a .330 average in 2001.

* Jason Jennings on the Rangers pitching staff: “We’re going to score runs. The thing as a staff is we don’t have to have a 3.50 ERA. We just have to go out and keep it close. Last year we couldn’t do that. This year I feel our starters will go deeper and with the versatility we have on our staff, I like the way the team lines up. I see greater possibilities than at the start of last year.”

* Taylor Teagarden left Arizona with seven hits in his last 12 at-bats, including two doubles, one triple and two home runs. Manager Ron Washington said he wants to make sure he gets Teagarden at least one start behind the plate per week.

* Scott Feldman on switching from starter to the bullpen: “I guess they feel they need me in the bullpen. I’m not the manager. I’d obviously like to start. I’ll pitch as well as I can in the bullpen and be ready for anything.”

* The Rangers won 20 games in Spring Training for only the third time in club history. They did it also in 1995 – including replacement players – and in 1998.

* Josh Hamilton on Nelson Cruz: “I like Nellie a lot. I love watching him play, you never know what’s going to happen. I joke around with him that we’re brothers from another mother because we we’re so similar: power, we can run, we can throw and we both have big old bodies.”

* Hamilton and Micah Hoffpauier of the Cubs are tied for the Major League lead in Spring Training with 26 RBI. Chris Davis is tied for second with 21 runs scored.

* Despite the emphasis on pounding the strike zone, the Rangers pitching staff still has the fifth highest number of walks in Spring Training.

* Just for the heck of it: Royce Clayton.

* Ron Washington on Elvis Andrus: “We have guys who will help him get through the rough times. He’s a smart kid. He has aptitude. He doesn’t think he has everything he needs. He’s willing to learn. He’s going to make mistakes but we’re here to help him through that.”

* Since 1965, there have been 44 players taken with the first overall pick in the June First-Year Player draft. Kris Benson will be the 10th to play for the Rangers. The others: Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Alex Rodriguez, Phil Nevin, Harold Baines, Floyd Bannister, David Clyde, Dave Roberts and Jeff Burroughs.

* The Athletics have Travis Buck, the Mariners have Brandon Morrow and the Angels have Jered Weaver, Joe Saunders and Brandon Wood. The Rangers are the only team in the A.L. West without one of their own first-round picks on their Opening Day roster.



I look forward to …

Feldman in the rotation. He won’t start April in the rotation, but history says he’ll finish April in the rotation. I only hope McCarthy and Benson both prove me wrong…

leadership by example in the rotation. I can’t say that I am greatly enthused by the following numbers: 18 and 8.
Those being the number of earned runs and walks surrendered by our “ace” in 25 innings this spring, along with 4 HR. Got a little work to do to in order to vest the contract for 2010.

Saltalamacchia’s spring continuing into the regular season. I hope that being the starter and playing regularly will help him continue to make positive progress. I also hope that Teagarden gets to play often enough and does well enough that his value continues to rise. I wouldn’t mind if he were the catcher moved for a ML-ready starter.

CDavis and Smoak continuing to rake, and I am really looking forward to the pitcher one of them will bring back in a trade.

being at the Ballpark tomorrow and on Thursday, as I tend to avoid the craziness of opening day.

The Rangers luck with Number 1 draft picks of their own is ugly. Only Jeff Burroughs was a success in Texas. However Adrian Gonzalez did well at San Diego.

Is there a website that lists Number 1 (overall) draft picks and states how well they performed?

I can answer my own question – Baseball Almanac.

Okay….let me be the first to jump over the edge. These guys are different from any we’ve seen for quite some time and maybe ever. I don’t remember another time, except maybe the late 80’s-early 90’s where there has been so much hope. The other time was primarily because of the essence that is Bobby Valentine. He really brought a new attitude to Rangers’ baseball, but the players didn’t back it up. But, this current crew? They are the personality. They have a certain ‘swagger’ about them.
That’s it! I’m pickin’ em to win the West. I don’t think they have enough to advance to the Series, but I believe they can win the West. I really like these guys. Did anyone else see Hamilton’s comment about the ESPN guy picking them last. He was oozing with a confidence that you only see in a winner. I believe he reflects the attitude of the entire team. PLAY BALL!!!!!!!
Ahem….Mr. Hicks, may I borrow a….oops, sorry. This is not a good time for that.

The only negative I have seen is the above Jason Jennings comment about all they have to do is keep it close. That is NOT the attitude I want to see from our pitchers. I bet Nolan Ryan NEVER went to the mound thinking that all he had to do was keep them close. I want our pitchers to be intense and planning on throwing no hitters everytime out but being mentally strong enough to bounce back from a base hit.

Kinsler, “Why not us?” Look at your pitching staff and your personal lack of defense.

d(GOD) always a stupid comment.

My name is Jim Chiampo….I am from Columbus phone number is
614-905-6934 cell or 614-392-0219.
I am asking for help to buy tickets to the Rangers Openor vs
Cleveland. My son and I are flying in on Monday hoping to find
something that does not require bailout type money. My son has a
brain tumor and wants to see all the major league ballparks….to date
we have seen 25 parks. This is his wish…to see the mall. I tried
the ticket office…sold out except for a few $60 and up…too steep
for us. If you could even get us some standing room only…not for
the stub hub price of $60…but for around the normal price we would
be happy to pay you when we get there…maybe even be able to take you
out to breakfast. I am desperate…any help would be appreciated. God
Bless You!

I thought Wash was a player’s manager and genius. Sounds like Young is taking a shot at him with his quotes. Hey Batman why is it stupid to say that the reason we, or the Rangers won’t do anything is because of it’s pitching staff? Seems to me that in all my 42 years of watching professional or any other type of baseball, the teams that ALWAYS win are the ones with great pitching and great defense. We have always had great offensive teams but our pitching has been OFFENSIVE, along with our lack of defense. Granted i am glad this team has gotten younger, but i don’t see too many young prospect pitchers out there. Granted Feliz and Holland are can’t miss guys and are rated our top pitching prospects. Unfortunately, that has been the kiss of death around here. Once they earn that moniker they either get traded or hurt. Quick name the last starting pitcher that we drafted and kept that went on to do anything for us? …………..Kenny Rogers maybe???? It is all about the pitching, you can ran’t and rave all you want about the feel good story of the year that the Rangers obviously don’t feel too good about because they won’t pay him what they are projecting him to be worth. But that ain’t nothing new. If Josh goes on to do what everyone believes he will do, he too will be gone because we won’t be able to afford him…. I can only look to our past history as a predictor of what will happen. Like it or not, support it or not , hate me or not, it is the truth. And until we get some quality pitching it won’t change. And i doth quote, “we need two starters and two relievers.” We do it every year, know what we need, fail to address it and then whine when it goes south during the season. Benson ain’t the answer, Jennings may be, but he is a starter. Feldman is a starter. Millwood and Padilla are just stop gaps until they can be unloaded. Millwood probably gets held back from not getting those 180 innings so they can be off the hook financially. Wait and see. Sadly if we start slow, Wash is gone, so who is the next manager?

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