Washington on Benson

Manager Ron Washington was asked after Monday’s game if Kris Benson was one of the Rangers five starting pitchers.

“He’s one of mine,” Washington said.

A final decision hasn’t been made but it appears likely that Benson will be in the rotation and Scott Feldman will be in the bullpen.

“We haven’t decided that,” Washington.

Josh Rupe and Warner Madrigal are in the bullpen, according to Washington. That gives the Rangers five with two spots left. The two best options appear to be Feldman and Jason Jennings.

This pitching staff is close to being set.





T. R., good job on the play by play today. Enjoyed it.

I’ve got to ask about Washington’s response to the question about Kris Benson. “He’s one of mine”. What’s that mean? Isn’t he the manager? I know he gets input from coaches and probably JD and Nolan Ryan, but doesn’t he have the final say? Am I reading into this too much?

What does that mean? If Washington is the manager then he should make the decision on who is in the rotation and who is out. If he isn’t making decisions like this then what exactly is he doing there? It seems as if Ron Washington has zero power and is on an extremely close leash.

It’s the front office’s/GM’s call on who makes the roster and it’s up to them how much input to give the manager. What Washington was basically saying, I think, is that if Benson starts the season the 25 man roster, he’ll be in his rotation. From what I’ve read JD and Washington are on the same page with regard to Benson being both on the active roster and in the rotation, allowing Feldman to shore up the middle/long relief spot. As far as leashes go, if you think Washington is on a short one now, see what happens if they have a repeat of the last two horrible starts to the season.

As we have seen through the example of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, it is not a good idea for the front office/GM to neuter the coach/field manager. For a team to buy into the leadership of their field general, said general must have some stroke. Otherwise, you have people circumvent the chain of command and that disrupts the entire operation. If JD and and Washington are indeed on the same page, JD should bring in the players and let Washington be the one who decides up front on what to do with them. Washington’s job depends on that.

I think that’s exactly what’s happening. Benson is going to start and Feldman is going to relieve.

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