Gobble released

The Rangers have released pitcher Jimmy Gobble from his Minor League contract. The Rangers have no room for a left-hander with C.J. Wilson and Eddie Guardado already in the bullpen…


TR, what uniform number was he wearing? I keep track of that on my Rangers fan site, and I never did find out what number he wore. The Rangers site said he wore #94, but I have a hard time believing they’d give a guy who was in the majors already a number like 94.

What were his spring stats?

This spring Gobble pitched 6.0 innings, allowed three runs on ten hits and walked two. Certainly not a great spring. Historically, he has been somewhat effective against lefties but very bad against righties.

In contrast Guardado has made five appearances (5.0 innings) and allowed six runs on seven hits and walked two. While Eddie pitched well (at least acceptably well) for the Rangers, he had a 7.71 ERA with the Twins and lefties hit .400 against him in his short time there. To me, it is hard to see Eddie Guardado as a big league reliever anymore (not that Gobble was much of an improvement).


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