Two-tone helmets out

The Rangers will not wear the two-toned helmets that they introduced in the off-season. They just weren’t very popular. Or as Hank Blalock said.

“I never saw the two-tone helmets in person but from what I saw on the internet, they made us look like clowns,” Blalock said.

The Rangers will wear blue helmets with blue jerseys and red helmets with red jerseys.

Said Vice-President John Blake, “The thinking being that since we were going to wear red jerseys for 16 games, trying to wear two-tone helmets for the other games was not going to work.”

Now back to Happy Hour down below…


Thank you Rangers’ management! Very wise decision. Now, could we get a red-billed alternate cap? It’s just the nostalgia in me coming out.

Can I get an AMEN?


I’m in Houston Tx and want to get the ranger games on radio can anyone direct me to a station am or fm to pick them up?

On radio, the Rangers will be splitting their time between KRLD FM 105.3 and KRLD 1080 AM

The radio voice of the Rangers, Eric Nadel will be heard on the crystal clear FM broadcast on weekdays, while the Saturday-Sunday games will be broadcast from the Canadian border to the Mexico border and all points in between on KRLD AM.

For those of you, like me who can’t get the FM station clearly because of geography, I’d recomend MLB radio. It’s only $15 for the whole season. I’ve been listening to spring training games this way and that’s how I’ll get coverage of the 1/3 or so games that aren’t carried by my cable company on TV. I even have trouble getting an over the air signal for 1080 sometimes, so the crystal clear internet stream is a welcome relief from the static.

Sorry if that sounded like a sales pitch, but I really do think it’s a nice, inexpensive option for Ranger fans outisde the metroplex.

I said MLB Radio and of course I meant Gameday Audio

I’ll second hefe’s comment. I’ve been watching/listening to Ranger games on here in Australia for the past 4 years. After 30 years in a baseball wilderness the internet and are a godsend.

Not sure if this is updated for 2009 yet…

Glad they won’t be wearing the two toned helmets. Now if they’d just go back to a home jersey that says “Rangers.”

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