Andruw Jones

The Rangers have a B game against the Royals on Friday morning and Andruw Jones will play.

Or at least hit. He will bat in every inning. Then he will start in the A game.

The Rangers are trying to do everything they can to get his bat going. He struck out again in Thursday’s game against the Padres. He has struck out 10 times in 14 at-bats.

His confidence level is falling just slightly farther than the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the average newspaper stock.

He ought to listen to some of his teammates. They have high expectations for Jones. They expect him to be a huge addition to this club on a team that is already stocked with outfielders. They expect him to be something close to what he was with the Braves.

That’s not happening right now.

Good thing Nelson Cruz is off playing in the World Baseball Classic and hopefully not worried about Jones. He was knocked sideways by Sammy Sosa in 2007 and Milton Bradley in 2008. That is the single biggest risk in bringing Jones in here but nobody seems to believe or care about that.

Marlon Byrd doesn’t seem to worried although he likes to joke about being a “fifth outfielder.”

One assertion is that if Cruz lets the presence of Jones affect his performance then he is not the player the Rangers expected. Totally disagree with that but maybe it’s a moot point anyway.

Jones is going to have a busy day on Friday.




I realize it’s easy to get excited about Jones’ upside, but he’s been bad over a prolonged period. His last 897 plate appearances yielded a .205 average and quickly diminishing power.

Would it be great if he returned to his old form? Abolutely, but Hamilton, Byrd, Cruz, Murphy, Borbon, and Boggs are a half dozen reasons why it’ll be ok if he doesn’t.

I hope he can get his head together and get in the game. Good luck to him!


Hefe is right, this team does not NEED Andruw Jones to return to his old form. This was a flyer form the start taht if it worked out you have Jones in Center and get to move Josh to a corner outfield. Plus at the time Byrd’s knee was probbly still a question mark.

No doubt if he comes around it will be a big plus, but there is no downside, if that does not happen.

The Rangers have had success on these types of moves. Still, I watched Jones here in 2008 and it wasn’t that he was bad. He was absolutely clueless at the plate. He was as clueless in 2007. He seems unwilling or unable to shorten his swing, and just can’t lay off pitches. It’s puzzling, but it seems permanent.

I guess two singles, a walk, and no strikeouts is an improvement. But after the first ten days of camp, if I had to choose between Andruw Jones and Brandon Boggs for the last outfielder spot…I would be choosing Boggs.

Oklahoma Ranger – yes, the 2 hits in the ‘A’ game were a good sign, but the morning ‘B’ game was more encouraging.

Andruw led off every inning, and after a strikeout looking in the 1st, there was a 400-foot out, then a home run to left (which I caught!), and a hard single to left. So for the day – it was more like 4-for-8, with a HR. KC threw big-leaguers in the ‘B’ game (Gil Meche, Jamey Wright) to start, so it’s not like all the Rangers saw were raw kids lacking experience.

And today (Saturday) 2 more hits. In fact it was a great game from everybody except “Everyday Eddie.” If Jones keeps this up management is going to have some decisions to make…and that pleases me. A real no brainer to pick this guy up fro chump change.

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